• German Toys R' Us Stores Running a "Friendship Festival"

    German Toys R' Us Stores have announced a new event tying in to the Friendship Festival from the My Little Pony movie, where an event will take place at 10 different locations all through October and into early November. The exact schedule includes:

    09/30 (Sa): Hamburg-Harburg
    10/06 (Fr): Hanover
    10/13 (Fr): Aachen
    10/14 (Sa): Koblenz
    10/20 (Fr): Schwabach
    10/21 (Sa): Regensburg
    10/27 (Fr): Mannheim
    10/28 (Sa): Wiesbaden
    11/03 (Fr): Darmstadt
    11/04 (Sa): Hanau

    As for what all they have planned at these events, it will probably be similar to other Mexico and the UK with face painting and dressed up pony characters, though we haven't had any confirmation of the decorated buses that appeared over there.  You can check out the announcement on the Toys R' Us German website.

    Thanks to Pulse Wave for the heads up.