• EQD 800 Million Celebration! Thanks to ALL of You!

    We missed this in the movie flood a few days ago, but EQD has officially hit that bit 800 million mark. While blogger stats are a bit wonky, it has always been fun to pop a celebration post up for each milestone.

    While things are still slower here than they were a few years ago, with the help of all of you out there spreading the word on the site through sharing the EQD Youtube Ad and just generally sharing the site on comments across Youtube and elsewhere, we are somewhat stable going into the end of the year. It's still a slow decline, but much slower than it was.

    So keep doing that! There are still millions of new fans that have no idea we even exist desperately searching for a good place for constant pony stuff, and you guys are the absolute best resource for letting them know where to find us. Show them the ad, the welcome page, or just tell them about the site. We don't have the massive advertising budgets that come from having a parent organization controlling us that other new sites have, so it's entirely up to you!

    And thanks a TON to our Patreon supporters new and old. You literally saved the site, or at least it's 24/7 pony schedule. I wish we could think of better awards, but this format is a bit limited. We are always open to suggestions though, so feel free to email your ideas.

    We are going to have a big Q&A again, possibly this weekend. I can go over more there. Until then... 

    Dance Party GO!
    (Mobile data warning below AHHH) 

    Cal here too! Love all of you guys! Just wanted to say as the other admin behind the scenes that keeps Seth from making the site all Trixie or Bats (Or Bat Trixie) it has been a great pleasure to help bring you, as of now, 42,335 posts of pony! All of us at EqD would not be here without your support! Here's to 900 million and then the big 1 billion! Party time!