• "Pinkie Pie - Mystery Loves Company" Book Appears, and Details on The Others from Poland

    Another book in the Polish original story series has been listed. Once again, the actual book isn't based on episode we have seen yet, so there is a chance it could be a hint at a future season 7 thing, but it's still pretty doubted. Obviously we will see soon once episodes start being revealed in the coming months!

    And in other news, one of the guys over in Poland actually picked up the Rarity and Fluttershy books to summarize for us. We also have two videos showcasing the books.  Head on down below the break for infos on the Pinkie one, and full explanations on the others! 

    Pinkie Pie Book

    Title: My Little Pony: Mystery Loves Company

    One day, Pinkie Pie decided to help her friends in work with the use of an old magic drum. Find out what the result was!

    And as promised, summaries of the Fluttershy and Rarity books from Taddat over on Poland:

    In recognition of her skills as a designer, Rarity is invited to the Summer Art Camp: an event during which celebrated artists hold classes and workshops for foals. The unicorn shares her tent with Lively Roll (as far as I know, an original character) - an actress from the Crystal Empire. Though initially happy, Rarity soon becomes annoyed at Lively Roll - while she prepares her sewing classes meticulously, the actress is quick to improvise and makes a lot of mess in their tent. It turns out, however, that Rarity's perfectionist attitude may cause some trouble during workshops...

    Fluttershy receives a letter from a village near the Everfree Forest. Its inhabitants ask the Pegasus to help them find out why animals living in the forest have started to disappear. Having arrived in the village, Fluttershy is greeted by the village leader, Elderberry (the male Earth pony from the cover). He takes the Pegasus to a hut with many Everfree animals which have fled the forest fearing that they could also vanish. Taking care of the animals is young mare called Meadow Mild (the other pony from the cover). Fluttershy has a conversation with the forest creatures and calms them down. Meadow admires the skills and composure of the Pegasus and starts to view her as her idol. At night, Fluttershy sets off back to Ponyville to check some details she learned from the animals. She leaves a note explaining her absence at the table, but it is blown away by wind. Panicked, Meadow Mild believes that Fluttershy has also been captured and gallops into the Everfree Forest by herself...

    Rarity Book

    Twilight and Pinkie books