• More Mysterious Polish Pony Books With Original Stories Appear - Rarity and Twilight

    A few days ago we posted about a mysterious new book from Poland that includes a completely new story and molded figure. It looks like Fluttershy wasn't the only one that was getting love here though. Rarity and Twilight have also appeared, each with unique books with some surprisingly interesting plots, including disappearing buildings in Twilight's case. I'd watch that as an episode!

    Head on down below the break for both of them!

    Rarity Book "The Art of Improvisation" - Google Translate:

    Artistic Summer Camp is the best opportunity to pass on their knowledge to young ponies and unforgettable moments. Therefore, when Rarity gets an invitation, do not wait a moment, but packs all the necessary things and hit the road! Do not expect, however, that in the tent waiting for her annoying roommate and preparation of the blinding of the project will be quite that simple will not find this story in any other booklet or in any episode of the series! Read a story about their favorite ponies, complementing it with colored stickers. With the supplied briefcase figurine Rarity you will play the coolest scene or come up for favorite characters completely new adventure.

    Twilight book "Astronomical Affair"- Google Translate:

    One night sky over Ponyville cuts mysterious thing, and in the town begin to disappear buildings ... Who is behind this? Twilight Sparkle must solve the mystery before it disappears all Ponyville! This incredible story you will not find at the show or in any other book! Read about the adventures of ponies, complementing the text with colored stickers is great fun and a great way to better understand the story. With the supplied briefcase figurine Twilight Sparkle repeat the most interesting scenes from the book or come up for favorite characters completely new adventure.