• New Book Announced - Applejack's Sister Surprise

    The "Early Reader" series of pony books over in the UK has generally been re-tellings of Episodes. We had a Pinkie Pride remake in "Pinkie's Perfect Party", and Rainbow Falls was the star of "Rainbow Dash's Big Race". This one appears to be based on "Somepony to Watch Over Me", or that is the closest we have to a book about Apple Bloom fighting with AJ and running away.  Exact description:

    Applejack's Sister Surprise
    Applejack loves her little sister, Apple Bloom. But when they have a big fight, Apple Bloom runs away! Can Applejack and her sister learn to be friends?

    The Pre-orders are up now if you want it with a July 13th release date. Grab it over here

    Thanks to Brony250 for the heads up.