• New Mysterious Fluttershy Book Appears with Completely Unique Mystery Ponies!

    A book and molded figure set has appeared on the Polish website "Bookmaster" dedicated to an adventure starring Fluttershy in the Everfree Forest. What's strange about this one is the inclusion of two completely unique and new ponies. These guys aren't your typical Hasbro recolored OC's either, but seemingly fleshed out models.

    The book actually says it released back in September, so the chances that these two have anything to do with season 7 are kinda low. Even the description seems to stress that it's a completely stand-alone tale. It's interesting regardless though. Stranger connections have been made between merch and show. Hell most of the end of season 6 was spoiled via a book.

    Just in case it is a season 7 spoiler, I've put the book below the break. I'll forgo actually tagging it though.  Go check it out!

    Google Translated Dsscription:

    Las Everfree a place shrouded in mystery. They live in the mysterious and strange creatures, which ponies are afraid to even think about. But one day there are starting to disappear animals ... What would happen? The story you will not find at the show or in any other book!
    Read about the adventures of ponies, complementing the text with colored stickers - it's great fun and a great way to better understand the story. With the supplied briefcase figurine Fluttershy repeat the most interesting scenes from the book or come up for favorite characters completely new adventure

    I wonder if any of you Polish bronies out there might want to do some digging for us?

    Thanks to Brian for sending it.