• Piling On the Adorable! - Celebi-Yoshi Artist Spotlight / Interview

    One of of the most unique art styles in the fandom is also one of the cutest. Celebi-Yoshi has been pumping out ponies since 2011, with a humongous amount of progress in drawing skill as the years ticked on. She has a super soft way of coloring that almost gives these cartoon horses a 3D effect with a much more "bubbly" feel (if that is even the right word) via big expressive eyes and tiny noses.

    Even after all these years, she still actively pumps out amazing pieces based on episodes, along with lots of really well done OC's. I doubt any of you haven't noticed her art at least once, and now you can get a bit of backstory on who is creating it!

    Below the break, get an interview and gallery of some of her best pieces!

    The Interview!

    Q:) How did you stumble upon My Little Pony? What was your "origin" story if you will?

    I’ve liked it ever since I was a kid. Back then I had things like MLP stickers and picture books. I started buying gen 3 toys in high school, because I thought they were pretty cute on my bookshelf. When I discovered gen 4 some time around the end of season 1, I loved the art style so much that I was drawn to the show instantly. The first pony design I ever saw from gen 4 was Rarity, and she has been my favorite pony ever since. I remember posting some of my first gen 4 fanart online during the summer of 2011.

    Q:) Your style is one of a kind in the fandom. The super reflective eyes and heavy pony curves have always set it apart. How did you go about developing it?

    My style developed naturally over time. I started out trying to copy the show style as best I could back in 2011-12. Slowly certain features got more exaggerated on my ponies, like big shiny eyes and tiny rounded noses. I think anime influences my art style most of all.

    Q:) What is the process you usually go through when drawing something new? What tools and programs do you use?

    When drawing something new, I’ll usually plop a reference image right down in my canvas, and get to work doodling. I use Photoshop CS6 for everything as of late. Sometimes, I might draw on paper first and scan it to use my traditional lineart, since digital lineart is something I struggle with. I recently just got a computer that can run SAI—hopefully I’ll get the hang of that program soon. I’ve drawn one picture with SAI so far, this one of Spike! :

    Q:) Do you draw professionally? Or is this a side thing to another career or job?

    Professionally, I’ve done graphic design work and created video game assets. However, I’m currently just pondering my next move (whether that be more school or a job) after graduating from a year of grad school.

    Q: ) Who is your favorite pony? And if it's different, who is your favorite pony to draw?

    My favorite pony is Rarity. I love Rarity the best because of her design, and also because she’s creative and sassy. When it comes to my favorite ponies to draw, I like to draw really fancy manes and tails, so some of my favorites are Celestia and Luna. So far no other pony has topped them in terms of fancy flowing glittering manes…

    Q:) What kind of challenges do you usually run into when drawing a character or subject for the first time? Has there ever been an image concept that completely stumped you?

    I think the most challenging thing for me is trying to switch up my go-to composition (tends to be a centered character, viewed at about their eye height). I’ll try to switch it up by starting out with a sketch at a cool angle, maybe in the corner of the canvas, but I’ll absentmindedly crop it and re-draw it until it looks “right” and end up with the exact same composition I always use, all over again. :P

    Q:) Some of your pieces are absolutely mind-blowing on detail and atmosphere. The Luna here is a good example of one that caught my eye when we posted it. How long does something like that take?

    This type of picture I usually draw over the space of many days, so I might sit down each morning with a cup of tea, work for 5 or 6 hours, then take a break until the next day. They usually take 20+ hours. This one in particular spanned about 7 days of work, so maybe somewhere around ~40 hours. I tend to go crazy experimenting with layers of overlays and textures as well, before I decide the picture is finished. It’s hard for me to make a good estimate, though, because I’ve never actually timed myself, and I tend to chat with people and watch videos on youtube while I draw. :P

    Q:) Socks, sweaters, silly hats, swimwear, full body armor, ponies have worn it all. What is your favorite accessory to draw ponies in?

    I don’t complete many of my doodles that feature them, but I love drawing ponies wearing big, thick winter scarves. Socks are a close second to scarves, and I think most of the ponies I draw with clothing are wearing socks.

    Q:) What do you like most about Friendship is Magic? What keeps you drawing so many awesome ponies?

    I love the character designs. Whenever an episode features a new character with a cute design, I just have to doodle it. For example, I loved Vapor Trail—what a cutie.

    Q:) Do you have any tips for newbie artists looking to improve?

    Something that’s helped me greatly is having a community of MLP artist friends to chat with. Sharing my art and getting feedback, and just chatting with them about art in general is very helpful and keeps me inspired to keep drawing and improve. I think it’s a great idea to try and find other artist friends in the community or a forum you can participate in.

    Q:) Why do you think My little Pony Generation 4 has been so successful? What keeps you here involved in the community?

    At the beginning, I was drawn in by the style of animation and the stories, and now the MLP community keeps me around. I love traveling to pony conventions and seeing my friends! :)

    Gallery of Art!

    [1] Source

    Thank You by Celebi-Yoshi

    [2] Source

    Sunset Shimmer by Celebi-Yoshi

    [3] Source

    The Countess by Celebi-Yoshi

    [4] Source

    Dawnu bat horse by Celebi-Yoshi

    [6] Source

    Smallish horses (EFNW print) by Celebi-Yoshi

    [7] Source

    Just a performer by Celebi-Yoshi

    [8] Source

    Fruity by Celebi-Yoshi

    [9] Source

    Magic Marshmallow by Celebi-Yoshi

    [10] Source

    Wardash by Celebi-Yoshi

    [11] Source

    Vinyl horse by Celebi-Yoshi

    [12] Source

    Firefly by Celebi-Yoshi

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