• Pacific PonyCon 2017 - New Years Sale

    Pacific Ponycon 2017 has another sale going on for their event on January 6th to the 8th! If you want some last minute deals before it actually begins, head on down below the break for infos!

    New Years Sale at Pacific PonyCon!

    San Diego, CA. December 30, 2016.

    Banner Turtle 1200x600.png

    Is everypony ready for the new year? Come celebrate with us at Pacific PonyCon 2017! Use our promo code PPCNewYear17 and get 17% off any badge at registration! Hurry soon! The sale begins December 31 at 12PM PST, and ends January 1st at 12PM PST.

    Be sure to check out pacificponycon.com for more details on show VIPs and community guests.