• Convention Compilation - May 25th

    Time to compile some convention news for the week! Lots of neat stuff this time around. Check out the headlines below, and press releases after the break.

    Bronycon Book Contest
    PON3 Con - Running of the Leaves
    EquestriaCon Merges with BronyFanFair: One Convention in Austin, Texas!
    BUCK - Vendor Tickets half price, Early Pegasus Tickets Ending Sunday
    Bronycon Old Gray Mare Charity Auction

    Bronycon Book Contest
    BronyCon’s convention book cover is a little bare, and we’d like the talented artists in this community to send submissions for the front cover design. Beginning on May 1st, 2012, we will begin accepting entries. The grand prize will be your piece on the official BronyCon Summer 2012 Conbook, and a free ticket to both days of BronyCon! Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM on May 31st, 2012. Official rules for entry can be found below. When your piece is ready, please upload it online to a publicly available portfolio, such as deviantART or tumblr, and send a link to [email protected].

    • All entries must be 8.5” x 5.5”, 300dpi, and be in full CMYK color with a 1/8″ bleed area.
    • It is highly recommended that all entries work with BronyCon Summer 2012’s theme (light logo on dark backgrounds), as in the design of our website: http://www.bronycon.org.
    • All entries must be posted publicly online prior to submission, either to a deviantART portfolio, a tumblr page, or similar.
    • Entries must utilize the BronyCon logo in their design, which can be found at http://www.bronycon.org/BronyCon_Logo.zip. Please note that the logo is only to be used for the purpose of this contest.
    • The winning entry will be credited with the artist’s name/handle and link to their portfolio on the inside cover or main credits page.
    • All entries must be submitted after May 1st, 2012, and submitted before May 31st, 2012 at 11:59 PM. Any entries sent outside of this window will not be considered.
    • Winning entries will be selected by consensus of all Bronycon Senior Staff members.
    • Applicants do not need to be registered for BronyCon Summer 2012 to enter.
    • The winning ticket is transferable. 

    PON3 Con -  Running of the Leaves

    Attention Bronies and Pegasisters! Nebraska's first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention -PON3 Con 2012: The Running of the Leaves- is on it's way!

    When: September 22nd (the first day of Autumn) 10am-Midnight

    Where: The HQLLC building 12642 S 9th St. Bellevue, NE

    Admission: $11 Pre-Reg. and $15 at the door for an all-day badge (Children 4 and under free*)

    Even though this is our inaugural year, we've got a lot of big things planned for Bronies of all ages! Here are just a few things you can expect at this year's con:

    -Brony-out with your fellow MLP enthusiasts at our all-ages and 18+ panels. It's programming by Bronies for Bronies!

    -Hang-out with and attend panels by our super-special guests of honor: Hot Diggedy Demon and Balddumborat!

    -Draw (vector/Photoshop/finger-
    paint/whatever) your favorite ponies or non-pony things at our art jam featuring comic artist and illustrator Fredd Gorham!

    -Pick-up some amazing, one-of-a-kind pony merch and art from our pony art vendors and guest art auction featuring artwork by Hot Diggedy Demon, Balddumborat, Aokineko, Smashinator, and more!

    -Party like Pinkie at our rave, featuring guest DJ and Brony: Revolution Boi!

    -Display your physical prowess in the Iron Brony competition -a contest of speed, agility, and guts that will put each Brony to the test!

    -Don't forget style, that should be considered! Channel your inner Rarity and show-off your style in our pony costume contest and masquerade.

    -Race, fight, and frag your friends in our all-day video game room by 70MGame! Feeling old-school? Don't fret, we have a great selection of analog games too -"you stung my bumblebee!"

    -Relax and catch a few episodes of everypony's favorite friendship-based show in the all-day MLP: FIM theatre.

    For more information on PON3 Con events, guests, and volunteer opportunities check out our Website- http://pon3con.webs.com/, Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/groups/105983572856835/ or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

    *Attendees 17 and under require a parent or legal guardian signature to attend. Children 15 and under are required to have a parent/legal guardian present to provide supervision.

    EquestriaCon Merges with BronyFanFair: One Convention in Austin, Texas!

    EquestriaCon (formerly Austin BronyCon) will now be working with Brony Fan Fair to make the singular best possible Brony convention in Austin. We understand this is a disappointment to EquestriaCon's supporters, but we felt it was best for the Texas Brony community to not have to choose between two Brony conventions in the city of Austin. The staff behind Brony Fan Fair are experienced convention organizers and we are proud to be working with them in an effort to unify the Texas Brony community.

    Sponsored by Austin anime conventions, IKKiCON & Anime Overload, Brony Fan Fair will be the first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention in the state of Texas. Set for September 8-9th, 2012, BFF will be held at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown, close to the Greyhound Station and Highland Mall. Pre-Registration is currently open for Brony Fan Fair at the price of $20, offering access to an exhibitor's room, MLP and non-MLP panels/workshops, a Cosplay Contest, and a pre-convention Friday Night Gala (really more of a casual social). Check them out at www.bronyfanfair.com and like them on their Facebook: www.facebook.com/BronyFanFair

    If you're coming from out of town, be sure to reserve your room at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown with our group code: BRF. You can call the hotel at 512.451.5757.

    Thank you all for your support during our time as EquestriaCon. We hope you'll support BFF and support us through them.

    EquestriaCon Staff

    BUCK - Vendor Tickets half price, Early Pegasus Tickets Ending Sunday 

    They didn't give us a press release for this, but apparently tickets will be going for £20  instead of £40 for vendors.

    They are also ending Early Pegasus (£35 tickets). After sunday only the £45 Standard Tickets and £75 20% Cooler Tickets will be available to buy.

    Bronycon Old Gray Mare Charity Auction

    Want to get a seat at John de Lancie's meet & greet before BronyCon? One will be auctioned off for charity on The Old Grey Mare's livestream, starting at midnight Eastern/9PM Pacific. http://www.greymare.org/

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