• Nayuki on EqG Background Humans and What Makes a Background Pony

    Some more interesting news from Nayuki, a layout artist from the show. Like some of you, I noticed a distinct lack of both Lyra and Bonbon in the movie and there is apparently a reason for that! According to Nayuki, the students you see running around the movie are not actually based on any background pony designs which means, as Nayuki points out, you all are free to design not only pony versions of background characters from the movie but EqG versions of background ponies from the show.

    Things might contain slight spoilers for the movie after this point, so proceed at your own caution.

    So what exactly is a background pony then? I mean, we saw Vinyl Scratch in the movie so what is she then? Well, according once again to Nayuki, characters like Vinyl Scratch, Cheerilee, the Cakes that showed up are actually secondary characters while background characters are ones that are used for crowd filler and are ponies they aren't afraid of cloning if they have to fill a large crowd. The more you know!