• Last Minute Hashbrony Orders Cancelled

    Some sad news has popped up for those that ran in last minute to try to get their hands on a 3D printed Derpy, Vinyl, and Octavia.  It looks like a mass email has been sent out to everyone saying that these orders will be cancelled and credited back to their owners store accounts.  It was a longshot, but I think a lot of people were hoping for the best there.  Have the email text:
    "Hi [Name Hidden],

    We are really sad to have to tell you this, but we can not print your pony order 261830. As you may or may not be aware, Shapeways recently received a DMCA Takedown Letter from Hasbro, who are the copyright holders of all things My Little Pony related. What this means is, once we get a letter like this, we ask the designer to take down their model and we usually give them 24 hours to do so. Because these ponies are so popular (and awesome) we got a lot of orders like yours in that 24 hours and we would love to print them all!

    Unfortunately, the law says otherwise. Once we have a DMCA Takedown letter, Shapeways is informed that these ponies are copyright violations, so for us to print them knowing they are copyright violations would mean breaking the law. The maximum penalty for "willful infringement of copyright" is $150,000 per item. That's a lot of ponies!

    While we do everything in our power to support our community, we hope you can understand that in this case we have to comply with existing laws. Shapeways simply can not afford to take this risk to print your order.

    Obviously, we know this is very disappointing, so we have already issued a Store Credit that you can use to buy anything on the site. If you would like a full refund instead, please email us at service@shapeways.com"
    Now we get to see how much these suddenly rare items go for on ebay! Yay internet.

    Thanks to everyone for letting us know!