• New Blindbags and Brushables Popping up on Taobao and Ebay

    All of these have actually been popping up for about a week now in various shapes forms and sizes.  There appear to be a full set of transluscent crystal pony brushables joining Pinkie Pie on that front (Images below the break), along with what appears to be a new set of blindbags.

    Head on down below the break for images of everything!   Thanks to Christine, Candygram, and everyone else that sent them in over the last few days. 

    These three appear to be a part of yet another blindbag set.  We have seen neon, glittery, and metallic, so I guess painted was inevitable.  That or they are customs!  That looks like a factory print job though. 

    Chances are these are in the same lineup as Pinkie Pie from a few days ago.

    And finally, more blindags from a future set here.  I actually kind of like that rainy pony. In fact, these two seem to compliment eachother really well.  If it was 2 years ago, I'd totally be calling for a RainbowDrizzle shipping event. 

    (do it)