• Story: The Night's Rebellion

    [Grimdark] [Adventure]

    Author: Levatis
    Description: It is said that history is written by the victors, but does that make it true? As new tides sweep across the shores of the past they carve out old tales that have been long forgotten. Tales of a dark and troubling past. Tales of a time before there was a Mare in the Moon.

    The year marks the 30th since Celestia ascended to the throne of Equestria. Troubling news stirs the nation of Equestria; old enemies are spotted along the northern border, and a peculiar case of missing ponies spreads across the realm like wildfire. While Celestia is preoccupied with the foreign threat the responsibility falls to Princess Luna to uncover the mysteries of the missing ponies. As the tightly knit weave of deception and power comes undone will Luna be able to look at her kingdom the same way again? Or will she shoulder the burden of justice? Even if it means going against the ponies she's grown to love.

    The Night's Rebellion: Part I
    The Night's Rebellion: Part II
    The Night's Rebellion: Part III

    Additional Tags: Very long, betrayal, deception, rebellion


    1. Not first comment Im guessing....

    2. @getoman10 And I bet you're very proud of yourself now, huh?

      Sounds like a very interesting story, will read!

    3. *assumes everypony is too busy reading*

      very long? >____________________>

    4. aww... this story got overshadowed by the media PSA post.

      =| I haven't read it, but i hate it when any story gets overshadowed, good or bad.

    5. I'm kind of tired of these fics about Celestia being evil and re-writing history so Luna looks like the bad guy. How bout a story where Celestia re-wrote history so Luna came off as BETTER than she actually was? Variety.

      As for the fic... Too OC heavy for my tastes. About 85% of the story is all about the OC's. It IS the past so OC's are kind of a requirement (And I don't actually have anything against OC's) but when they take up so much of the story like this... Ehhh....

      It is well written but it's not my thing. I'm kind of tired of Tyrant Celestia.

    6. please update. I'm loving it so far. Great work, please keep it up if you can.

    7. Man, I loved the first three chapters of this fic; whatever happened to it?