• Epic Trixie Poster to Benefit BroNYCon

    As some of you may have probably figured, a brony convention happens over in New York city every few months, which is arguably the easiest place for massive amounts of people to gather at.  The big problem faced with something of this scale is cost.   Feeding/Providing chairs for 300+ people is expensive, and as the event continues to grow to even larger numbers the amount of funds needed will also increase.  So far, Purple Tinker has payed for pretty much everything out of pocket, but she needs help.

    I'll let her copy paste explain the rest after the break! 

    After being stalled for months, I have finally created this snazzy new poster of the one and only The Great & Powerful Trixie! A preview of this poster can be seen above (or here on Deviant Art), and is, of course, FAR lower resolution than the actual print-ready version.
    It is essentially a parody or pastiche of an old Hoofdini poster, as seen here.

    Trixie, of course, takes her inspiration from only the greatest and most powerful magicians!

    I will ultimately be releasing an entire font based off of the work I did on this poster. I had to recreate hoofwritten lettering from the late 1800s essentially from scratch. It was fun, though!

    I am selling high-quality 11x14 poster prints to benefit BroNYCon. Running all these events costs an awful lot of money, much of which comes out of my pocket. Just now, I have to go down to the store to buy a $400 item out of pocket! It hurts.

    So, if you want one, Paypal $13 my way ($10 for the poster, plus $3 for shipping and the shipping tube) to [email protected]. Use the subject 'TRIXIE POSTERS'. (Add $10 for each additional poster, up to 5 per tube.)


    Face close-up vectorising: MisterLolrus
    Curlique pattern in background: Cuprohastes
    Everything else: Purple Tinker

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here