• BREAKING NEWS: Equestrian Outhouses are FAKE

    Twitter Source
    The Goddess of all things pony has spoken!  It appears that the few outhouses we have seen in FiM were fake product placement to sell us toy sets in the future!  That dream you had a week ago about how fun it would be to play with portable pony potties? It was all a result of subliminal marketing.

    The ponies of Equestria control many things, from the weather to the seasons, but earth ponies were always a mystery! Any pony can drop a seed and grow a tree, but it takes deep rooted earthy magic to do it just right. Or more specifically, magically infused earth pony fertilizer. 

    So next time you write up a Human in Equestria fic, be sure to stay realistic and include a section on how awkward it is without toilets.