• Map of Equestria and Portal Pony Mod!

    A team that has been working on a huge Portal 2.5 pony map project has released a massive as-accurate-as-possible map of Equestria, built by studying various locations throughout all 26 episodes of the first season.
    It's pretty interesting on it's own, and if you check out the gallery you will see just how extensive their research on the subject was. They covered pretty much every corner of the land with photo proof on where each location is actually found.  

    Apparently this is only part of the equation though.  The team has been working on a portal mod for a while now, that closely resembles the storyline found in Better Living Through Science and Ponies (Probably one of the best crossovers on the site).  They need some help though! If you know anything about the source engine, primarily creating textures/models, you can contact [email protected] to off your assistance!

    The image above is a very rough draft version of the boots found in the story (A combination of portal guns and longfall boots).