• The Single Greatest Coloring Book Ever

    Every so often a project comes along that is so startlingly amazing that I simply do not have the capacity to gush about it enough. There is so much going on within the 84 pages of this book, assembled, composed, and created by one Garrett Gilchrist, that I daresay anypony could easily lose hours upon hours of their life going through it. Now, I can hear you out there asking me why you should care about a coloring book. Let me tell you!

    This is an "all ages" book. What that really means is that it was created specifically for you bronies, always out there looking for your next pony hit and feeling a little bit guilty about picking up the youth-centric official books. What you'll find inside here is a vectoriffic pile of ponies featuring just about all of your favorite ponies, ready for your inks and photo editing software to bring them into glorious color. You'll also find a storybook version of the pilot episode, which is both fun to read and a great way to introduce the series to any younger relatives you might have who don't get the Hub (and trust me, parents will thank you for saving them from the other children's programming out there). There are crosswords, mazes, and puzzles designed to be intellectually stimulating for adult minds as well as for kids. And also one of my favorite things in the world: nonograms! If you're not familiar with those there's a detailed explanation in the book itself, but the best way I've found to describe them is sort of "drawing a picture by way of Minesweeper". Look at numbers, logically deduce the location of the squares you are meant to color. Gaze in awe upon the visage of the Great and Powerful Trixie. In short, this book is amazing. It is bursting to capacity with love and effort and creativity. Download it and have fun, everypony!

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