• Nightly Roundup #28

    Twilight Sparkle Edition!



    Blindbags in the UK!

    Sounds like the FiM Blindbags are heading to the UK this September.  Apparently they will not only be available at toy stores, but also at grocery stories!

    I remember an old chain, I think it was called Abco.  I used to get all of my trading cards there.  Do grocery stores in the USA still carry stuff like this?

    Italian Subtitles

    A fansubber going by the name Eponymous has added Italian subs to all of the FiM episodes. You can find those here!

    Russian Subtitles

    Not to be outdone by those crazy Italians, another brony has set up a bunch of Russian subtitles!  Currently 21 episodes are complete! You can find those here.

    Charity Speedrun Event

    A group known as the Triple Speed Runners is hosting a 48 hour metroid marathon on July 8th at 8:00 PM EST.  Apparently it's a full on competition with a few other groups.  Their goal is to raise money for a charity called "Architecture for Humanity", primarily to aid the earthquake recovery in Japan.

    So why is this pony then?  Well, they promise to drop all sorts of pony sayings, quizzes, music, singalongs, and episodes during the cast!  You can find the website here!

    Welovefine.com Tee-Shirt Contest Extension 

    Apparently these guys were overwhelmed with how many submissions they have received.  This means that the current setup they had for collecting everything and voting can't actually take the massive load.  They are reworking the system from the ground up.  To thank everyone so far, they have upped the prizes pretty significantly.  First place will walk away with 1000 bucks in cash, with 4 runner-ups receiving 50 dollar gift cards. 

    This is still literally the only officially licenced merch to actually focus on us, so I'm pretty sure this is the best way to show Hasbro how significant our market is.  You can find the site here!

    Voting now begins on July 22nd, so there is plenty of time to get stuff submitted! 

    More Comic Brony Invasion!

    Married to the Sea has jumped on the brony bandwagon!  ...I got nothin!  You can find it here!

    WoW Insider Posts Ponies! 

    One of the biggest World of Warcraft blogs has joined the herd...kind of.  I think they got the character personalities mixed up pretty badly.  At least the ponies are there!

    I really hope some day I will have time to photoshop every single headline on the site.  That defenitely adds something cool to the site.  They do have 7 29 authors though.  That probably helps some. 

    So many ways to improve this place...

    Anyway you can find the plug here

    E-Reader Fanfic Archive

    A DA has been setup for various E-Reader format stories over on Deviant Art.   You can find that here!

    I still say my phone is 20% cooler for reading fics though!

    Interesting Pony Article on the Departure of Lauren Faust

    Someone wrote a relatively informative article over on Reddit about Lauren Faust moving on from the FiM team.  It's a good read if you have some time, though I'm not sure how accurate it is! You can find it here!

    New banner!