• Cereal Receives a Pony Shot Glass

    Well, Cereal and the other two responsible blog authors, in any case.

    Yep! We were all once again gifted some free pony stuff by a very, very generous pony by the name of Bermuda Brony, to avoid using his real name- just in case. He's actually in Bermuda, so, the name makes sense! You're awesome, BB! I would just like to inform you that it is indeed the best thing you could possibly fill with your favorite adult beverage. Or soda, depending on your age.

    In the spirit of totally embarrassing yet another kind and talented member of the community who was nice enough to give me free stuff, I have taken the liberty of unboxing his package for you all to see.

    Pictures galore, ordering and pricing information, and Seth's glass as well after the break!

    So, there I was, minding my own business, when this box came out of nowhere actually the postman brought it to me. I was kind of confused because I hadn't ordered anything- and then I remembered about the glass. So, of course, I was giddy with excitement. Also, for some reason, the names were pixelated out. It was very strange. It came that way, I promise.

    You don't say, box! That's really neato.

    Time to open this thing! Under the paper, there was... a box! Whoa.

    And then it exploded everywhere not really.

    And then out came a Rarity glass! At this point I was still trying to figure out the best way to photograph the glass so I could get the wax applied to the etch to show up, so excuse the bad photography for a moment.

    Here it is next to my Applejack toy for comparison purposes.

    It was at this point that I totally derped and remembered that I could just put it in the windowsill and, lo and behold, it worked much better for capturing the etch.

    Seth's glass also arrived. We would have pictures of Phoe's glass, which was etched with both Rainbow Dash and Lyra, but sadly she doesn't have a working camera.

    That's your cue to tell her to get one.

    And that's the glasses! Like I promised, here's the ordering information, taken straight from the email:

    I have actually started selling the glasses now but I don’t have a ‘store front’ site or anything, but anyone who wants to order one of the existing cuts or even custom glasses can send contact me at [email protected], I’m charging $12 for shot glasses and $15 for Rock Glasses (I’ll be getting larger glasses soon), and the shipping to the USA usually ranges around $7 for a single glass in a box to $25 for five glasses in a box. Also since I’m out of the USA I’m only using Paypal to handle the transactions.

     Once again, a big thank you to Bermuda Brony for his generosity.