• Official My Little Pony Youtube Page Announced on Facebook

    Now this is interesting news. There now exists an official My Little Pony channel on Youtube. I checked it, and there's currently nine uploads, which includes some Hub commercials, the Equestria Girls short, some clips from the show, and a Celestia toy commercial.

    Depending on the way you slice it, this could either mean that Hasbro and the Hub are fully embracing Youtube and all the benefits it has to offer, including fan offerings, or that they're establishing a legitimate foothold on the site in order to keep pony episodes from being uploaded. Somehow I doubt that it's the latter, considering that the fan-captured episodes online at the moment have been there for months. You think they would have done something about them by now if they found them objectionable.

    Fun fact, though- the clips hosted on the official channel are of significantly lower quality than the 1080p offerings we have now. I kind of giggled.

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