• Ponies Around the World Event

    A brony by the name of Vaum recommended this event to me, and I thought it would be a cool idea!

    Our collective community covers pretty much every corner of the globe, from over here in the western part of the USA, to the Asian nations in the far east.  I think it's time to show our favorite ponies the sights of good old Earth!

    -Update: (Modified some things) 

    So what the hell is this event?!

    This one will be pretty simple;  find any landmark in your area, be it the Great Pyramids or Disney Land, grab a pony toy, and take a picture!  Bonus points for creativity.  You obviously don't need to include yourself, but cool people will!

    If you don't have a pony toy.. I guess a picture of your favorite pony is fine, though Papercraft Ponies would be cooler,  and minor landmarks are fine too, if nothing huge is around you.

    Where/How do I send the image?

    Send your pictures to [email protected] (Preferably resized so I don't have to spend a week modifying everything, I know how much you guys love taking 6mb pictures, but think of my sanity! It's already waning on a daily basis!).

    In the email's subject line add: PONIES AROUND THE WORLD

    Somewhere on the image, include your name (Real or online fake name, either or), and the location, postcard style, be it with MSpaint or whatever else you want.  If you can't figure it out,  let me know and I'll just caption your image with the name you provide in email. If you fail to provide any name whatsoever, I'll make one up! There are a ton of ways I can switch the letters around in The Great And Powerful Trixie!

    What is the deadline?

    This is kind of an experiment, so I'm going to create a tentative deadline for 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday July 13th.  That gives you one solid week.  If I don't get enough entries, I'll extend it.  I know this one might be a bit difficult to fit in with everyone's busy schedules, but for the sake of not being surprisingly overwhelmed like poor Cereal with his writing event, I'm going with the safe route. 

    Now go take pictures of ponies!