• Nightly Roundup #28

    Twilight Sparkle Edition!



    Blindbags in the UK!

    Sounds like the FiM Blindbags are heading to the UK this September.  Apparently they will not only be available at toy stores, but also at grocery stories!

    I remember an old chain, I think it was called Abco.  I used to get all of my trading cards there.  Do grocery stores in the USA still carry stuff like this?

    Italian Subtitles

    A fansubber going by the name Eponymous has added Italian subs to all of the FiM episodes. You can find those here!

    Russian Subtitles

    Not to be outdone by those crazy Italians, another brony has set up a bunch of Russian subtitles!  Currently 21 episodes are complete! You can find those here.

    Charity Speedrun Event

    A group known as the Triple Speed Runners is hosting a 48 hour metroid marathon on July 8th at 8:00 PM EST.  Apparently it's a full on competition with a few other groups.  Their goal is to raise money for a charity called "Architecture for Humanity", primarily to aid the earthquake recovery in Japan.

    So why is this pony then?  Well, they promise to drop all sorts of pony sayings, quizzes, music, singalongs, and episodes during the cast!  You can find the website here!

    Welovefine.com Tee-Shirt Contest Extension 

    Apparently these guys were overwhelmed with how many submissions they have received.  This means that the current setup they had for collecting everything and voting can't actually take the massive load.  They are reworking the system from the ground up.  To thank everyone so far, they have upped the prizes pretty significantly.  First place will walk away with 1000 bucks in cash, with 4 runner-ups receiving 50 dollar gift cards. 

    This is still literally the only officially licenced merch to actually focus on us, so I'm pretty sure this is the best way to show Hasbro how significant our market is.  You can find the site here!

    Voting now begins on July 22nd, so there is plenty of time to get stuff submitted! 

    More Comic Brony Invasion!

    Married to the Sea has jumped on the brony bandwagon!  ...I got nothin!  You can find it here!

    WoW Insider Posts Ponies! 

    One of the biggest World of Warcraft blogs has joined the herd...kind of.  I think they got the character personalities mixed up pretty badly.  At least the ponies are there!

    I really hope some day I will have time to photoshop every single headline on the site.  That defenitely adds something cool to the site.  They do have 7 29 authors though.  That probably helps some. 

    So many ways to improve this place...

    Anyway you can find the plug here

    E-Reader Fanfic Archive

    A DA has been setup for various E-Reader format stories over on Deviant Art.   You can find that here!

    I still say my phone is 20% cooler for reading fics though!

    Interesting Pony Article on the Departure of Lauren Faust

    Someone wrote a relatively informative article over on Reddit about Lauren Faust moving on from the FiM team.  It's a good read if you have some time, though I'm not sure how accurate it is! You can find it here!

    New banner!


    1. You're too good to us.
      Yeah, kinda seemed like WoW Insider just dropped them in for the fun of it.

    2. What is this T-shirt contest?

    3. @Anonymous Don't get your hopes up kid.

    4. On that particular post in the comments I was actually trying to explain about FiM to the author and anyone else reading. :)

    5. I like the banner, so simple, but yet awesome too.

    6. Having 29 people on the team also helps WoW Insider. ;)

    7. i fangasped so hard at the banner

    8. >these guys were overwhelmed with how many submissions they have received
      >First place will walk away with 1000 bucks in cash

      There's no way in hell I'm winning this contest.

    9. Your banner has a distinct lack of Rainbow Dash. You should fix this immediately.

    10. So its a GOOD thing Lauran is gone? Well hawt dang then! Far be it for a brony to have a different opinion from another pony! Neeeeigh, oops I know thats a horse noise but ai know whats more appropriate: Baaaah.

    11. The old banner was amazing, truly not a fan of the new one :(

    12. @Anonymous

      Well, really, Faust hasn't worked on any of the episodes except for 1 & 2, so her leaving really changes nothing.

    13. Nice banner.
      But what about Tekaramity's favorite pony?

    14. Most I see at grocery stores in Redmond is the usual extra-cheap no name toys like capguns and little LCD games and such, never anything of note.

    15. @Anonymous

      Do they really have 29 people..?

      Do blogs really have more than like.. 3?

    16. But Rarity is the worst pony :[
      Put Luna up there instead of her....

    17. Major applause for the person doing the eReader versions of story. Now that's a brony doing a service for the community.

    18. No Twilight in the banner?

    19. That artical about Lauren Faust made me feel a lot better about her leaving. But of course we still have season 2 on the way.

      And what the hell was up with that WoW post? Did those guys even watch the show? Or was that character derailment intentional?

      And lastly, I thought Pinkie Pie was everybody's favorite pony. Or Fluttershy. Where's Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy?

    20. Ah well, trust WoW Insider to get things wrong even in this department. :P

      (They're relatively notorious for posting "news" about three days after they cease to be relevant in any way, shape or form...)

      The article about "George Lucas Effect" and its' corollary "Teamwork is Magic" was good, though :)

    21. @Sethisto

      You don't need more than 3?

      But what about us? The unsung heroes? We, who have placed our artistic bodies on the line time and again for the sake of the readers. We, who open every email with trepidation, wondering if THIS is the fic that will make us claw our own eyes out in an effort to ease the pain. Hoping, hoping so desperately hard, for a "Progress" or an "Out in the Cold", or even just some mildly cute Scootalove, we click the link. The document opens, text stretching out before us. Will Twilight be a submarine? Will Luna be the Happy, pranky Luna? Will Pinkie be in character? With breath held we begin, descending into a world of madness or joy, a world of friendship or horror.
      It turns out, that this time. Pinkie Pie is Hungry.

    22. The banner sucks it is missing something
      (Read my name)

    23. That is one sexy banner; please leave it forever (with cycling ponies?) <3

    24. I don't really want to complain, but if you're going to claim that the banner includes everypony's favorites, you might wish to reexamine it first. You have one member of the mane cast, who is not in my top half - and I suspect the same could be said by a large number of people here. You have a background pony with no canonical personality or nonphysical traits. And you have a one-shot pony who was presented unsympathetically in canon. Not, in short, the assortment most likely to contain everypony's favorite pony. You could at least have included Fluttershy, who's (as far as I can tell) at or very near the top of most bronies' lists.

    25. Great banner, but it's missing Twilight Sparkle and Luna (actually the best possible banner would have the main six + the princesses)

    26. Actual my fav-

      NO! Bad KITS! Do not get involved in another my-favorite is better than your favorite debate. Suffice to say, I respect your opinions even if they are wrong.

    27. The very first thing about that article, that its author compares Lauren to G. Lucas makes me want to strangle him in sleep.

    28. It's funny how the banner doesn't actually contain most of the characters that are people's favorites, and does instead contain Trixie, whom there is absolutely no reason to like at all.

    29. Oh wow. My picture of Twilight is used as a ED header! I'm so proud :)

    30. @Jonathan

      I sort of meant Cereal, Phoe, and I! I'll just remove the everypony's favorites line.

    31. @Anonymous

      I meant authors! Pre-readers are bros!

    32. The reddit-article is definatly worth your time. Check it out while you can.

    33. Fuck it jsut put everyone in the banners =3

    34. calling it now, WoW will have sometype of pony reference in the next addon thingy

    35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    36. OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!! Thank you everypony!! Long time reader, first time poster, and I wrote that reddit article!!

      Disclaimer: I do not mean to say Ms. Faust is untalented, to say her "bad ideas" are as bad as George Lucas', or to diminish the wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, and insanely creative creator's benefits for the show, just to say that even the greatest creative minds need people who are also intelligent and love the creation to tell them when their ideas won't work, and the team is vital to making the show as amazing as it is :D

    37. @Anonymous

      She isn't *gone*, she's only restricting her creative input to character, story, and script supervision, which has already been done. I'm saying that her keeping herself to only that role is not bad, but allows other amazing people on the team to increase their input on the show.

    38. I'll definitely donate a small amount (say $5) every time I hear a pony plug or they put up an episode during the Triple Speed Runners cast.

    39. Metriod.......PLUS PONIES!?


    40. nuclearsuplexattackJuly 6, 2011 at 8:28 AM

      Why does Lauren bounce between "omg she's gone, the show is ruined" and "she never did anything on the show, it will be exactly the same?"

      I don't really agree with the George Lucas Paradox post, mostly because of this line
      >"After the pilot episodes, Lauren Faust actually had very little to do with the show itself."

      That's just wrong.

      Yes, the show will be different without her. Not necessarily better or worse, but it WILL be different.

    41. @nuclearsuplexattack

      I'm quite certain Lauren has never said anything remotely like that first one. If you're talking about what the fans say, well, goodness. We're hardly a hive mind, are we? Different people will have different opinions.

    42. nuclearsuplexattackJuly 6, 2011 at 8:50 AM


      Yeah, those aren't quotes, it just seems those are the two opinions people tend to popularize.

    43. Yes, my phone is ia also 20% cooler for being able to let me read fanfics, I have over 100megs of fanfic on my phone, which I avidly read any chance I get. My phone has soo much pony on it, pics, fanfics, pmvs, all of season one in had. yesyesyesyesyesyesyes! Ponies on the go!

    44. @BronyQuest I love you.
      I'm so overjoyed our marathon's getting press here, and even more glad there're people willing to check it out!

    45. @Anonymous I hope you enjoy tuning in just as much as we enjoy running these things! :)

    46. quick question what are blind bags

    47. Love that new banner Seth. It's beautiful.

    48. I don't think Lauren leaving was a good thing but I do think fanbases tend to give too much credit to the showcreator/figurehead.

      Interesting article.

    49. Did it get clarified that the ponies on the banner are the blog author's favorites?

      Cause that's what I was going for when I made it.

    50. Blind bags in the UK.
      Yesyesyesyesyesyes. Now all IO have to do is actually go into Toys R Us and buy some...

    51. No Seth

      You aren't a gangsta

      No FlutterYays for you

    52. Something about Britian!?

      Wait...what the fuck are blindbags? XD

    53. The idea behind the "George Lucas Paradox" is a simple and solid one: every artist has ideas that are either not great, or simply not what the project needs.

      The comparison is not all that great, but the author's point was that Lauren stepping a bit more into the background isn't likely to be the completely terrible doom & gloom thing people were posting it was gonna be when Lauren posted that journal. Lauren herself even said making the show is a team effort.

      Besides, this is all distracting us from the actual problem: the severe lack of show-accurate plushies. Cmon Hasbro, TAKE MAH MUNNIES. I want a Rainbow Dash plushie so bad D:

    54. Tears of a ValedictorianJuly 6, 2011 at 12:08 PM

      Interesting article, and a lot of stuff I didn't know about how the show turned out as it did.

      Buuuuuuut, I'm still more concerned than I'd like about Lauren Faust stepping down. Because:

      Like we saw with the auctioned original drawing the other day, she was working on the show since 2008, which is a long time to slave on something to step down just as it's getting big.

      She didn't leave for another job, she just stepped down.

      She still seems really into the show, she still favourites fanart on DA, she still comments about it, it doesn't seem like she got bored with it.

      So - she spent years of her life totally revamping it, quit as it was picking up, still loves it and seems cut up to not be involved, and has no current employment.

      Which makes me think Hasbro demanded concessions of her that she wasn't willing to make, and my main fear about season 2, my only fear really, is what those concessions turn out to be, because I assume the remaining creative team agreed to them.

    55. Tears of a ValedictorianJuly 6, 2011 at 12:09 PM

      Buuuuuuuut, I totally agree with BalaklavaPony that the creative team on the show is amaaaazing, and clearly cares a lot. From what I gather, a lot of really talented people with great indie animation pedigrees are still working on it.

      And (s)he's right that the demands Hasbro made of Faust - drop the epic plot, keep the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the main show - were the right calls, and collaborative creativity is always the best kind.

      I just hope whatever demands Lauren Faust refused aren't going to be big enough to fundamentally change the show.

      tl;dr - ponies.

    56. Tears of a ValedictorianJuly 6, 2011 at 12:14 PM

      FINALLY (oh god, a three-part post about ponies)

      That came out a little more apocalyptic than I intended, because I'm pretty optimistic about next season.

      It seems like the main thing you need to do to make a good show is create a great world, with interesting, likeable characters.

      And the genius of Lauren Faust and the show is that she totally rebuilt it, the art style, the dialogue, everything, and now it's this wonderful show we're all obsessed with. And now she's done that, the show can carry on without her, and stay great.

    57. You do know she stepped down because she's pregnant, right?

    58. I like how you include all three ponies in the banner. Now we just need another blog artist who enjoys a Fanmade pony, and we'll have all parts of the fandom covered :D



    60. Tears of a ValedictorianJuly 6, 2011 at 12:45 PM

      Haha, that would have made for a shorter post.

      I could have sworn she said getting pregnant wasn't the reason she stepped down though? This was on the announcement on her DA back in May.

      But the updates to that post have been scrubbed since then, so I can't remember if I definitely read that or not.

      Like I said, I'm still sure the show's going to be great. The characters are so well defined that I'm not sure what Hasbro could do to them to make it bad at this point.

    61. @Tears of a Valedictorian
      > I could have sworn she said getting pregnant wasn't the reason she stepped down though? This was on the announcement on her DA back in May.

      Yeah, I remember saying that, too.

    62. @Anonymous
      *I remember her saying that, herpderp

    63. Yayy~ More pony shirts. Can't have enough of them. :) I'm eager to see what the final winning entry will be.

      I think the WoW insider didn't really think at all before adding the ponies in their article. Judging from what they're saying. ;)

      I wish Lauren wasn't stepping down. But I don't think it's entirely a bad thing. I think she'll still give some helpful input now and then. Plus the rest of the team behind the show aren't oblivious themselves. I trust they know what they're doing. Or can be optimistic at least. :)

      I liked the old banner, it was pretty chic *Rarity moment there). But this new one is nice too. Plus it has The Great and Powerful Trixie in it! That makes it cool by default.

    64. @Cereal Velocity

      Faust is having a kid? I'm jelly of it.

    65. As much as I love (and I mean love) the current banner, it isn't practical on mobile devices. The mobile version's Blogger Template has a white background, which causes the banner to blend in, making it difficult to appreciate it's awesomeness. So in the future, you'll want to plan banners to appear on white backgrounds as well.

      Just a little heads up.

    66. MY FIRST VIDEO IS ON YOUTUBE!!!!! search "Rarity Supermodel"

    67. "Do grocery stores in the USA still carry stuff like this?"
      Depends on which one you go to and which locations.
      I've been to a Ralphs in Southbay that used to carry Yugioh/hotwheels and Batman toys and another one in Del Amo thay only had some Barbie and cheap dollar toy stuff.