• Story: Better Living Through Science and Ponies

    [Crossover] Epic length Portal crossover time? Why, I do believe that is in fact the case.  Hope you guys don't have plans this afternoon!

    Author: Pen Stroke, Assisted By Batty Gloom
    Description: GLaDOS is free of Chell, free to continue testing, when she discovers a portal gun Wheatley tried to repair with duck tape. When the portal gun catastrophically fails, the enrichment center, GLaDOS, and Chell are literally dropped in the middle of Equestria. The mute test subject soon finds the world of ponies far more welcoming than the human world. But GLaDOS sees possibilities. Let the testing begin... for science.
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 1
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 2
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 3
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 4
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 5
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 6
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 7
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 8
    Better Living Through Science and Ponies Part 9
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    Additional Tags: Thinking With Portals and Ponies, Chell, GLaDOS, Portal

    [Crossover] Side Story

    Author: Joe England
    Description: This extra chapter fits best being read between parts 4 and 5 of the primary story.
    Celestia vs GlaDOS

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    1. @ActionScripter9109

      Well, I don't really know since we didn't really talk about it.

    2. Mkay, people asking why Chell is mute, I think all the Test subjects in the Enrichment Centre have had their Vocal chords removed, including Chell. and honestly, if Valve made this fanfic ia game i would be out at midnight buying it.

    3. No; Valve has clarified that Chell can indeed speak, but she just doesn't want to give GLaDOS the satisfaction of an answer. As for the game thing...well...Valve will probably never make it, but keep an eye out...someone might do something similar...

    4. @ Everyone who is talking about Chell not being mute and how the storylines don't match up:

      Think of this as one of two things:
      1: An alternate portal universe (SLIGHTLY different)
      2: Creative License

      Either way, Pen Stroke did an excellent job on the crossover, even if it is not utterly correct. A few minor facts were changed here and there, but it's not like GLaDOS suddenly gained some feelings of compassion or anything.

    5. @ActionScripter9109

      You have no idea how unbelievably happy your comment made me.

    6. @Anonymous
      Okay, I guess there's no use keeping it that big a secret: there is a Portal 2 mod in progress to recreate this fic. We don't want it spreading all around until we have something to present, though, so don't go telling others, ok?

    7. @VFX Kid

      >don't go telling others
      >comment thread has multiple hits daily

      Hopefully we can hurry up and get an official teaser out there. :P

    8. @ActionScripter9109
      Well...you said it first! Ah well, I guess we shouldn't deny it if people know it. Hopefully Paul's working on the thing in the wave that he said needed to be made by Monday. I'd do it, but my dad's around and he'd go all inquisitory on me, not resting until the full truth comes out.

    9. @Pseudo Faux

      It's hard to overstate my satisfaction

    10. @Joe England

      in chapter 1 the Vault was left back on earth

    11. @Batty Gloomwell for one in the final fight Chell suddenly morphed into a grey pony, i though at first that was a sigh she was no longer a test subject, but then in the next scene when she is layed by the trees she is orange again

    12. G-g-glorious.....

    13. (Posted this on DeviantArt as well)
      Such an amazing crossover story, it certainly left me wanting more. Sadly, I reached the end of chapter nine. I guess that's my personal problem, I fell like there could have been more done with the story. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing story, but I just think there were a few missed opportunities here and there.
      Near the end, it became more of a story about Chell and GLaDOs, with all the MLP characters fairly out of the picture. Pretty much the latter half of chapter seven and the bulk of chapter eight was nothing but Caroline/GLaDOs/Chell. In equine forms, but still. Once Chell diverged from Twilight Sparkle and co. after she broke them out of the testing cycles, the focus really shifted to the portal characters. I don’t know, them releasing three hundred test subjects can’t go off completely without a hitch, can it?
      Admittedly, I kind of expected some sort of plot-twist during the final battle where a defeated Chell would be casted down. And then the mane six would gather the resolve to go back in and save Chell, confront GLaDOs, and then help Chell stop that monster. I would really have liked to see that.
      Oh, and you simply must imagine the squee I gave when I thought 'They aren't doing good at the test chambers. And the they will see Chell and how AWESOME she is at the whole thing. OMG' And though we got a feeling for it with Rainbow Dash (though not really), I didn't really see that. That was kind of disappointing.
      Whatever happened to the Cutie Mark Crusaders? The story mentions that they were snatched up, and yet we didn’t really see ANYTHING from them after that. Same goes for Luna. That’s really what happens when you mention characters being involved, and then it not being so. It instills false hopes in readers thinking that some cool stuff might occur with those particular characters involved.
      And maybe the ending seemed a little rushed. I guess I would have liked to see a little more into Chell being welcomed back. I would have absolutely loved to read exactly how they reacted individually, and what her actions in the enrichment center really meant to the other ponies.
      So really in the end, even with such a good story, I was still dissatisfied because of all the stuff I thought I would see, but didn’t. One or two things are acceptable, but there was more than one or two things.
      All my raving and ranting aside, this really is one of my favorite stories. I would read it again immediately, except it is around 6:45 am (and Celestia just rose the sun here) and I haven’t even slept a wink yet. I’ll read through the whole story probably two more times once I wake up.
      The characterization was really good. You nailed everypony pretty much spot-on. I loved the way you portrayed Chell, and I think it was perfect that Fluttershy was the first pony she ran into. While it is technically inaccurate that Chell does INDEED have vocal chords, I can overlook that (besides, doesn’t affect the plot of Portal (and its sequel) one bit) in this case, because it was all so adorable.
      Oh, and the working portals cutie mark? GENIUS. But then… you had to go and weaponize it. You weaponized a cutie mark. Badass (literally). Favorite moment of forever.
      Speaking of which, the final battle between Chell and GLaDOs was very good. While I usually find fics with portals in them a little hard to follow, I found it much easier both in the final battle and the rest of the fic. A wonderful use of four portal-guns by the way, that was an incredible technique she pulled, and I could totally imagine it in my head. Bravo. It sounds like the kind of scenario I would like to play through.
      I really do hope you have another story planned in this new Portal/MLP verse you’ve created, because I, personally, am still quite thirsty. You certainly set the hook with that ending, I just hope there is a fish at the end of the line waiting to be reeled in and shown to the world. Bad analogy, I know.
      Thank you for writing this fic good sir (or ma’am), please do continue to write!

    14. I think changing the story so that Chell is mute was smart (even if it was unintentional).
      It would be really hard to give that character a voice without killing her.

      Look at Tom and Jerry for instance.
      Sonic the Hedgehog?

      Yeah, keep her mute.

    15. freaking. loved. it. :D

      this story was awsome! and i don't think i ever laughed as much as when i read the "Celestia vs GlaDOS" part, feels like both the original story aswell as the extension was all very well written, i could definetly see GLaDOS do pretty much all of those thing, except for the part with fluttershy and the companion cube, GLaDOS can't spoil the tests ^^

      great work! truly.

    16. LOL, duck tape. XD Was that intentional?

      Anyway, freaking awesome...

    17. @VFX Kid Wait, what? I'm pretty sure that's been retconned, otherwise that whole "say apple" gag wouldn't make any sense...

    18. Wow. That was great.

      The ending, of course, shows you can't keep a good villain down forever.

      The side-story with Celestia vs GLaDOS was funny, but raised one nagging question: How the hell can a computer commit a logical fallacy?

    19. I hated GLaDOS after Portal 2, but after reading chapter 5, where she tormented Fluttershy!

      I hate her more than she hate's Celestia!

      BTW, great job Pen Stroke, this is an excellent fic! You capture the characters very well, even Chell (who has very little to base a character off of)

    20. @Roxor

      That's easy. GLaDOS' AI was built off of a human brain (Caroline). Humans can fall into a LOT of logical fallacies.

      However, as an AI, she can still be overheated by THINKING about these logical fallacies (for example, she is vulnerable to paradoxes, to a certain degree; she knows what they are, and can even state them, but if she thinks of them, she'll overheat her processors).

      Oddly enough, the idea of GLaDOS literally "steaming" with anger would be surprisingly realistic; thinking about being wrong would indeed put a lot of stress on her processors.


    21. Never was into fanfics but this was definitely my best three hours ever!
      Can't wait to see how the portal mod turns out. I would give all my money for it!
      GLaDOS vs trollestia ftw

      P.S: I can hardly beleive there are so much people like me with a love for portal/hl AND MLP. Thought I was a freak...

    22. Thank you for not making Ditzy brain-dead; she's a lot more sympathetic that way than the muffin-obsessed dolt of the loonier fan art.

    23. Portal characters from story doesn't match up with Valve Portal characters? So what. I like your versions more.

      I honestly didn't like it when GLaDOS turned good. I enjoyed her sadistic side, and you focused on that magnificently. She is exactly what I hoped Valve would make her in Portal 2. Malicious to the core, wanting nothing more than total control over her facility and the subjects entombed inside it.

      Many crossover fics have obvious seams, most of which stem from ponies doing things that fingers are necessary for. This fanfic, I'm pleased to announce, is (besides what I said at top) seamless. The MLP characters fit in exactly with how I personally interpreted the characters, leading overall to a fulfilling read. When I read, I play what I read like a film in my mind. There's nothing that breaks this effect worse than a major writing error or something that I would want to improve in the writing. This particular film ran without halt, and at the end, I have nothing but a standing ovation and this small review to give.

      I look forward to the game version of this more than I look forward to Portal 3.

      You, my good man, have created the best thing to ever come out of this fandom in my opinion. Then again, I haven't been a brony for long, so I don't know if other, better things exist, but I doubt they possibly could.

      Keep up the good work, Pen Stroke,
      your cutie mark has appeared.

    24. Poor Caroline... She keeps dying for no reason.

    25. I wish Portal 3 could be this. The bonus chapter was bloody brilliant.

    26. Now you're thinking with Ponies.

    27. Awesome - overused
      amazing- no enough
      mesmerized- does'nt say enough
      lol- AYFKM?
      OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSH- could you give me something 20% cooler?
      Pony Portal crossover named "Better Living Through Ponies And Science"- was it that hard to just say that? You can't get more awesome than that

    28. Caroline! Nooooo! Not again!

      *Five Stars*

    29. I know I'm part of a minority to think this way, but I hated this fanfic and it's hard for me to understand why other people would like it.

      The cutie mark working as a portal...felt implausible, a cheap Chekhov's and it was like that for only one purpose for during the final fight.

      The portrayal of GLaDOS was... really negative. After seeing her in a positive light in Portal 2, this just feels out of place. And I'm sure Chell and GLaDOS would've become good enough friends by the end of Portal 2. At least to not start killing each other the instant they meet again. But maybe that's really just my personal interpretation of events. I liked GLaDOS.

      The second Caroline, also felt wrong for some reason... Same with GLaDOS fighting as an alicorn, and I don't know why but I disliked the ending. but it's probably just me.

      The... 'unrestricted' portal guns... This is definitely stupid. Hey, the guns weren't restricted, they needed good portal conductors, or they wouldn't really have to buy all those moon rocks.

      Since when did GLaDOS read minds...?

      The tests, you end up in an alternate dimension, there is SO MUCH to test! So much to experiment, for science! So what do you test? Portals... How about pegasus flying behavior? Earth Ponies' strength or something? Hell, testing cartoon physics! unicorn magic, speaking of that...

      So how did GLaDOS make those magic dampening horn devices? I feel like I missed something and GLaDOS maybe DID do tests with some unicorns with newly made magic based testing chambers.

      It was quite some time since I read this, but I felt it would be beneficial for you if I gave my personal criticism on this apparently perfect story. Maybe I'm just not seeing it?

    30. @Kujiiro
      I can't argue for the characterization of GLaDOS. You're probably right. But, in my defense, you may find fewer spelling and grammatical issues in the original version of the text which I sent to Batty Gloom and Pen Stroke. Now, I want to make it clear, I actually find most of the changes they made very favorable! But it looks like there were a few hiccups during the editing process. And I do tend to have a stickler's pride regarding my relative technical competence.
      If you are (or anyone is) interested, the "Director's Cut" can be found here.
      Again, I really don't mean to point fingers at Batty Gloom and Pen Stroke. They did a great job, the story's better in numerous ways, and it's not a big deal anyhow. But I'm a bit anal retentive when it comes to my writing, so it's difficult for me to let such a criticism pass.

    31. The first time I read this, I only knew the looks of Ditzy Doo and Chell. Everypony else, I had no clue on even their looks. Same with the setting in Ponyville. Second time through was much more fun due to knowing about the characters.

    32. It was VERY GOOD, but SO MANY of the Portal facts were wrong...

      It's not GLaDOS who is insane- It's her mainframe. Plugging Caroline into GLaDOS' mainframe would just create 2 copies of GLaDOS. As said before, Chell can talk, but chooses not to. And portals can still only be fired onto concrete and moon dust...

      So logically at the end GLaDOS would have been basically like Potato GLaDOS- Agreeable to some extent, not very murderous, and sort of helpful. And Word Of God can't decide if Caroline was deleted or wasn't, but I doubt she was since GLaDOS is basically Caroline, just a crazy robot.

    33. @Mima

      This, too! There's so much I don't like about this fic. Maybe it's good, but I just can't ignore that all the details seem to be wrong!

    34. Uhh, guys? How's about we just enjoy the story for being a good story? Who gives a crap if some of the facts are wrong?

    35. Nonono... the facts... so much of it is wrong. And by extension the story cant stand up for itself. The author missed some really obvious details in Portal 2 that most of us really should have noticed and...andd......---
      ---augh my eyes, I just did contact lens and these dilation eye drops or whatever they're called is making everything look bruurry as shit. I can't see the screen for crap. I'll respond... about an hour later. Give me a moment!

    36. I just finished chapter 1 and I noticed this after the end:
      Portal & Portal 2 © Value

    37. @NekoLLX Yes, that was added after the initial comments.

    38. @Anonymous

      Yeah, I almost didn't read it because of that too. BUT! 'Duck' tape is only in the story description, NOT in the story itself. At least, it isn't since I first read it a couple days ago.

    39. Really good stuff to be had here, but some grammar and spelling issues persisted throughout. Still, a good read!

    40. Chell isn't Mute, Valve confirmed that, she just doesn't wanna talk because her current predicament irritates her.

    41. @Unknown

      Actually, I think Valve changed their mind about that. In Portal 2, you'd think she'd have no reason to not talk if someone else, who seems kinda nice and trying to help you, specifically asks her to talk. Or jump when he asks that... Yeah, I don't know what that was all about. (I mean, I know it's a joke, but I'm talking about in-game. What went through Chell's head to jump when he asks her to talk?) I hope it's not actually brain damage...

      durrhurr he ask to 'say apple' which mean i jumps now durrrhurrr

      ...That's a funny thought. Horrifying, too...

    42. That was awesome ! Best [pony] fanfic I've read yet.

    43. Damn that Glados survived makes me want another story where she finaly dies just so i know she won't do this agan.

    44. I ignored the comment saying this is the best fanfic ever, that's an opinion I have nothing against, but you don't get away with saying that about GLaDOS!

      This fanfic turned a deliciously complex character into a simple one-dimensional villain!

      Maybe it was a bad idea to hang around in this thread... All there really is to do here is get pissed off because people like something. Something that's bad, but still. By now, I'm just getting repetitive...

      Well, if I should say something good for a change, the FiM side of this fanfic wasn't bad at all.

    45. Excellent read, my only problems were the occasional typo (very rare, though, so I can't cite an example at the moment) and the odd sudden change of Chell's pony color to gray in the final battle part was a bit disorienting, but nothing else of major concern comes to mind.

      @ DeRockProject:

      I'm not seeing the problem with GLaDOS. She wasn't one-dimensional (especially if you read the side-story with Celestia), and essentially the whole "GLaDOS turns into Caroline" bit during Portal 2 seems to be more of a power supply problem. GLaDOS herself states she can't lie as a potato because she simply doesn't have the power to do so, so obviously being an evil all-controlling A.I. requires a lot of power, and so the original Caroline was showing back up (but not totally dominating, as GLaDOS still was present, such as when she doesn't show a whole lot of mortification when Wheatley brings up the skeletons). So, when GLaDOS got put back into the giant body, the evil side of her took back control, but as stated in the end she figures just letting Chell go free is the best option (and also the whole bit with the turrets at the beginning and GLaDOS proving that she still could have the last laugh, but simply doesn't give a damn anymore)

      Then, in BLtSaP at the point Caroline shows up again, she mentions that the scientists did stuff to GLaDOS before she even technically went online and that the "current" version of GLaDOS is totally different.

      Additionally, when Caroline got put in the first GLaDOS body, she doesn't have full control over the Enrichment center, and doesn't even up to the end. Wheatley, when he replaced GLaDOS, DID have full control of the facility, and so went crazy from all the power overload. With Caroline, that didn't happen because Alicorn-GLaDOS still controlled the facility even a tiny bit at the end, preventing a power corruption situation from at least happening because there wasn't enough time (since Wheatley turns crazy in less than five minutes in GLaDOS' body)

    46. The ultimate crossover. Good job.

    47. @jongyon7192p
      "The portrayal of GLaDOS was... really negative. After seeing her in a positive light in Portal 2, this just feels out of place."

      You seem to be completely ignoring the fact she DESTROYED the Caroline part of herself at the end of the game, and, with that, most probably, all likeable traits of her character you saw in Portal 2.

    48. @Nyerguds

      Completely ignoring that? Don't just go around assuming everyone other than you is stupid! Here, I think CombineWiki said it best:

      "In the game's ending song, "Want You Gone", she expresses mixed feelings about Chell's departure and at one point sings the line, "now little Caroline is in here too", raising the possibility that she may have lied about deleting Caroline."

      It's subjective I guess, but while looking for that, I found this part which may support your side:

      "During the cooperative campaign, which takes place after the single-player game, GLaDOS shows little sign of conscience. She has no problem with destroying sentient robots, actively encourages them to betray one another, and speaks disparagingly of humans throughout. Near the end of the campaign, however, she begins showing noticeable signs of emotion again. Ultimately, it is unknown whether part or all of Caroline's personality is still a part of GLaDOS."

      Now that's a really good point. I'm starting to think maybe Caroline really is been deleted. Oh well, seems like even Valve isn't set on whether she really is deleted or not. Or if they are, it's supposed to be mystery.

      "Ellen McLain stated on a panel at Anime Midwest 2011, that to her belief, Caroline is not deleted at all."

    49. So yeah, whether GLaDOS' personality is accurate is subjective. But I mean that doesn't make the part where she seemed to emulate SOME emotion after deleting Caroline no longer a thing.

      Anyway, I guess that makes that part of my argument invalid.

    50. In response to that one crack about reading minds all that time back on the 12th, scientists are even now able to do that to a limited degree by analyzing the brainwaves coming off from our heads. MRI, anyone? The thought that APERTURE SCIENCE of all places wouldn't have something as (relatively) simple as that gives them way too little credit.

    51. I'm still following this thread via email, and I have to say, the discussions about accuracy and the various opinions on Portal are quite interesting. Also, I appreciate the give and take that's going on, rather than the usual "STFU U FAGGOT" that you see online. Well done, bronies.

    52. @*sigh*

      That sounds ok, but if they had it, I don't know why GLaDOS never used it before. Maybe GLaDOS didn't need it?

      Your explanation sounds good. But there's still the problem that... I don't think this issue was addressed in the fanfic. That's important. It felt like it was out of nowhere.

      I also have to say about GLaDOS' personality problem, maybe her character wasn't off, I don't know. But the whole story was a more good vs bad kinda thing.

      Agh, I can't remember some details... Do I have to go through the whole fanfic again? It's not that I think it's bad. It's just that it has TONS of pages...


      Thanks ya. Sadly, I usually RAGE when I 'discuss', but it feels so much better conversing like this instead. Should make this a habit.

    53. Oh no, don't get me wrong, I think that it was a pretty cheap plot device to use as well, but with a little bit of thought the problem goes away all on it's own.

      She probably didn't need it, since Chell doesn't really talk all that much, or really do anything communicative.

      Anyway, about GLaDOS's personality, I read the rat-man comic after beating Portal 2 (single player) and I have to say it dampened my lighthearted opinion of her just a bit with the whole sparing my life and giving me back the companion cube thing. Those scientists may have been brilliant, but it's no wonder they were able to make Wheatley such a massive screw-up, considering that they were too!

      You know what else I found that was interesting in the comic? One of the last things you see is Chell's personality files, and the top page said that her determination or stubbornness were off the charts. Related to this discussion? Maybe. Probably not.

    54. I'll go back to check that comic again.

      Yeah, I remember that part. The Cube asks why he chose Chell as Test Subject #1. He doesn't tell us, saying it's just a hunch or something. But at the end, it shows on her file that she never gives up and was initially decided as unsuitable as a test subject for her extreme stubbornness. That's Aperture right there. Throwing away who is clearly their best test subject.

      Anyway, this was just really heartwarming. That statement was kinda directed at us, too. We never gave up. And that's how we beat the game. Of course the games were really easy to beat, but still, yknow what I mean.

    55. @DeRockProject
      "Throwing away who is clearly their best test subject."
      That's debatable. Seeing as psychologically breaking their test subjects for better cooperation seemed to have been a common practice (judging by the Cave Johnson quotes I've heard), it doesn't surprise me that Chell was disqualified.

      As for the song, the "when I delete you" part seems to be referring to Caroline rather than to Chell (especially combined to the "oh, did you think I meant you?" before it, indicating a switch of whom she's addressing). This makes me see the whole song as a musical summary OF the end of Portal 2, rather than GLaDOS' musings AFTER the end.

      For the record, I never "go around assuming everyone other than me is stupid", so please don't accuse me of that. I pointed out a possible problem in your logic, on a point you never mentioned at all in your arguments, and your immediate reaction is to start throwing around insults. That's getting dangerously close to raging there.

    56. @Nyerguds

      I guess that's right, since all Chell did was efficiently solve puzzles and break out of the test confines several times. Maybe if she got paid for this job or something XD

      What you said is possible now that I think about it. Still I went from "Caroline probably isn't deleted" to "either is equally possible". I don't think I'm budging from the neutral stance.

      And NO! I wasn't raging AT ALL! XD Well, I am starting to NOW.

      I mean... SERIOUSLY...
      "You seem to be completely ignoring the fact that..."
      Dude, don't deny it. That was so obviously aggressive, man. You totally thought I was stupid.

      And insults plural? Assuming the "everyone is stupid" part is an insult (No it wasn't meant to be. I'm sorry.), there's nothing else I said against you!

      I wasn't throwing around insults. I wasn't even close to raging at all. And I'm NOT close to raging right now. But yeah, I'm kinda pissed you accused me of that. Just a bit. Not much.

    57. Huh. Well, I've just finished Sp00n and SSoHPKC's playthrough of the multiplayer of Portal 2, and while the specifics obviously are not going to be identical, the general plot-line of a whole bunch of "test subjects" needing to be freed by Chell is looking very strong right now.

      I wonder if the author of this story took that potential plot-line and modeled it to be in the pony world when the rough drafts were being written. Thoughts?

    58. This comment has been removed by the author.

    59. This should be called Better Living Through Reading Awesome Fanfiction.

    60. This was actually the best fanfic I have read all the way though. I had to take a break from Past Sins because I was so enthralled from the first chapter. Thank you Pen Stroke and Batty Gloom.

      Your faithful reader,

    61. Bravo Pen. Bravo. I truly enjoyed reading this story.

    62. The entire thing was pretty amazing.. though the dialogue in all was the best part of the story

    63. @jongyon7192p

      Yes, GLaDOS was antagonistic in this. Remember that bit at the end of Portal 2, "Caroline deleted"? Even if it can be argued that GLaDOS is Caroline, and thus could not delete her, she at least deleted what she perceived as Caroline: namely, the benevolence she had gained over the course of the game. Even through the game, GLaDOS seems to be thinking "The enemy of my enemy is my friend.".

      For the guns, keep in mind that the notion that the guns were "restricted" is just Chell's theory, working off of little to no knowledge of how the guns work and a good reason to be suspicious of GLaDOS. These very well could've been enhanced guns GLaDOS made to aid in rounding up ponies, perhaps ones that mixed moon dust into the blue/orange dye.

      So far as the opportunities for testing, remember GLaDOS's line "Pegasus focused tests will be available once the primary sequence of tests has been completed.". I assume the same would be true for unicorns. First, however, she's trying to get a baseline. You didn't necessarily miss anything, as Chell probably rescued all the ponies before GLaDOS could get to testing magic.

      I think I may agree with you on the cutie mark and magic dampeners. The dampeners may have been developed through trial and error, or they may just use every method GLaDOS could think of, and at least one ended up working. The cutie mark isn't really important, and the story could've been written without it. The only problem I have is that cutie marks tend to be the same on each side.

    64. @Nulono

      Nonono, I mean, she could be LYING that she deleted her. So far, what we know is that the song GLaDOS sing in the ending says "Caroline is in here too." Ellen McCain, voice actor of GLaDOS and Caroline, doesn't know whether she's really alive or deleted but she likes to think she's still alive. The Co-op sadly doesn't show know any conclusive evidence on this.

      My main argument for all your other statements is that, first off, anything is possible. Even in real life, there are really weird things that sometimes just go unexplained. That's not what's important in fiction. If something happens and there isn't a good explanation given to the readers, it just looks like the writer is bad at this.

      I do apologize for missing this part,
      "Pegasus focused tests will be available once the primary sequence of tests has been completed."
      But it's still really easy to miss something that appears for just one sentence. And I'm still not exactly sure if it's just an excuse to go with a more familiar level design. Oh well, I'm giving a benefit of the doubt.

    65. Hehe, I guess EVERY cutie mark is Chekov's cutie mark.

      Ok, that just sounds like Chekov owns all the flanks. ALL of them. What kind of weird pervert is this guy?

    66. So was the Companion Cube just left there to be sucked into the black hole? :(

    67. Many kudos on the quality of this fic. Excellent consistency with the canon personalities of established characters, in my opinion. I particularly enjoyed the way GLaDOS's characteristic dark humor and sarcastic snark comes through here. In all it was an enjoyable read from start to finish, one I would heartily recommend to any fan of either property.

    68. I realy want to try that fight with GlaDos myself now. I wounder if the mod will be able to do anything like it? While I doubt it is possible, It will not stop me wishing.

    69. @Luke

      Actually, there's not much that isn't possible. We'll be attempting to create a boss fight that lives up to the fic.

    70. This story amuses me. Especially when Celestia went Trollestia on GLaDOS

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    74. @Nulono http://twentypercentcooler.net/data/0d/03/0d03e34fdfea645c86757a2736a852db.png

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      She really seems like one to attempt to team up with discord, especially since they both like taunting so much. XD

      Either way, it captured the essence of Portal while still retaining the "purity?" of MLP:FiM. A very well written fan fiction.

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      ~ Minstrel of Equestria

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    80. That was just..... amazing. Why didn't I read this sooner?

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      this message brought to you by the royal canterlot voice button

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      I found the tests with Pinkie Pie hilarious. The last few sentences appeal to me too. Not only for laughs, but also I like how there's always more left to do

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    96. @DeRockProject

      Remember that this is technically an alternate universe fanfic. Some of the facts may be skewed up greatly. I thought it was a good fanfic, but opinions matter. Don't assume this is based entirely off Canon, from EITHER Portal or MLP:FIM. You make some valid points, but you just keep going on about it.

    97. @DeRockProject

      Back then, she had ASEC documents from archives. Now, she has a bunch of strangers she has no way of knowing anything about. Hence, the mind reading element. After all, this IS Aperature Science we're talking about.

    98. @Nyerguds

      These are the same guys who invent brilliant devices and then use them for stupid purposes. The turret was designed to protect babies. Repulsion and Propulsion gel was a dietary aid. The portal gun was to be used for SHOWER CURTAINS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

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