• Fanfic News! Yay~

    Happy Celestia Day everypony!

    Have some fan fiction news after the break

    And for non-fic readers, feel free to ignore this one!

    Fanfic Caps
    First off, there seems to be a sudden surge in Fanfiction readers.  Google Docs are capping out pretty frequently. Honestly I think docs are still the best method, especially with the chat room/editing on the fly, but feel free to send an alternate Deviant Art/Fanfic.net link with it so people don't have to wait.   

    Fanfic Quality
    Pre-readers are doing an awesome job, and lots of authors have returned after being sent off for editing with vastly improved works.  Some lesser stuff still slips through (usually stuff I skim, it's not their fault!), but for the most part I think we have a really good balance going.   People are definitely more picky than they were 4 months ago!

    Fan fiction Training Grounds
    Midnight Shadow has opened up a fan fiction training grounds on Ponychan for everything the pre-readers turn down.  If you guys are interested in helping out, feel free to jump over there and give some advice! Or post your own stuff!

    Epic Length Fics
    We have a LOT of these coming in lately, and I'm still deciding on how to best spotlight them.  Obviously 1 shots will always get more "spike" readers, but the 10,000+ word behemoths tend to spawn micro-communities and fan art all over the place, which is always a good thing.  Maybe I'll create a subsection for long stuff?  Or maybe a permanent slot on the sidebar for in-progress multi-chapter stories?   I don't really know yet!  Something will be done though!  Feel free to suggest it in the comments! 

    More Pre-readers
    I am always looking for more to join the group, though I'm limiting it a bit more this time.  If you have at least 3 stories posted here with 4+ stars, feel free to send me an email if you are interested!  Some stories are still overlooked (Mainly obscure crossovers) so the more the merrier.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here