• Convention Compilation - August 10th

    Can you handle all the pony conventions?! Cause I can't!  We are going to pass anime soon!

    Below the break you will find:

    Ponycon AU - Date and Venue Announcement + More
    Brony Fan Faire - Guest Announcements and PMV contest
    BUCK - Promo Video
    Bronycon - Sponsored Meet and OC Contest 
    Brony Beach Minicon - Budding Friendships Announced

    If you would like to submit a convention press release, toss it over to [email protected], preferably not in PDF form.

    Ponycon AU Date and Venue Announcement + More

    Brony Fan Faire - Guest Announcements and PMV Contest 

    Brony Fan Fair is the first MLP:FiM convention in the state of Texas. Held in Austin on September 8-9th, 2012, we are honored and excited to have the following community guests involved in our convention!

    Celestia Radio was the first Brony music internet radio station and continues to service the community and its members. Headed by co-owner and operator DJ Shamrock with hosts like Qcom and DJ KBrony, Celestia Radio has the largest Brony music archive available for broadcast on the 'net; hosts numerous sets and popular shows such as Bronyville, The Brony Hour, and Prance Around the World; provides interviews and community spotlights; and acts as a proud Brony Press member while providing live audio and video broadcasts from numerous Brony conventions. At Brony Fan Fair, Celestia Radio will be providing live music and broadcasting. Check their stream out at http://ponify.me and find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube at CelestiaRadio.

    Midnight Magic Productions is a small company whose goal is to give back to our wonderful Brony community and to inspire more people to go out, to start their own projects, and to chase their dreams. MMP was founded by random Bronies who came together to work on a little audio project called "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording." Since then, we all became friends, closer than any of us thought possible. Sharing tragedies and joy, we all learned that friendship truly is magic and it is our dream to share that magic with the rest of the world. We are soo excited to bring that dream to Brony Fan Fair and to show you all what we have in store for the coming months.

    PonyKart is a fanmade racing game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The team is "just a mess of people from around the internet who like ponies and want to make a game with them! None of us receive any money or anything from working on this, as it’s just a fangame we work on in our free time as a hobby." You can follow their website at www.PonyKart.net.

    Keep up to date with Brony Fan Fair on our website at www.BronyFanFair.com. Check us out on Facebook too! http://facebook.com/BronyFanFair

    BUCK - Promo Video 

    Bronycon Sponsored Meet and OC Contest 

    Sponsored Meetup:

    Just less than a month left until Two Seasons Two Days, a major event brought to you by the Boston Bronies; now sponsored by BronyCon! For those who haven’t heard, this is the brainchild of a previous meetup back in June. Do you want to marathon all of the episodes back to back in two pony filled days? This is the event for you.

    If you still need lodging, we have a rate of $60 a night worked out with the local Best Western. Just contact them at http://tinyurl.com/bwginn and mention Daniel Webster College. The big news is though, that today we’re announcing our final schedule of events! This includes a viewing of every episode, and even a rave! http://derpy.me/tvwyV

    This rave will even include an opportunity for up and coming DJs to showcase their talents as well as established artists. Send all inquiries (and if possible samples) to [email protected].

    We also still have spots in the artist's alley. All interested parties should email [email protected]. And don’t forget, there is even a huge announcement to make during the event - something people have been anticipating for a long while. You'll want to be there to witness it!

    This event will be held in the Eaton Richman Center at Daniel Webster College, located at 20 University Drive in Nashua, NH, about one hour north of Boston. It will take place on Saturday, August 25th, through Sunday the 26th. Remember, you can find all of our other information and register right here at http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-Boston/events/60814292/. This event is completely free of charge for attendance!

    We are also in dire need of a web developer for a future project. Feel free to contact [email protected] and [email protected] with any questions, applications for the web developer position, or comments! We hope to see you all there!

    OC Pony Contest: 

    BronyCon’s back with a bang, and we have an exciting announcement for all of you. We are looking for either one or a small group of original characters to represent our convention. Your creation could represent us for years to come! This community has created some awe-inspiring things, so we hope to see more of what we have come to expect from all of you! There are only a few rules to follow: Your submissions must be equines (ponies, zebras, changelings), and we will not be accepting Alicorns. While it is not required, we would also like submissions to be consistent with our new color scheme. The colors are as follows (with RGB / CMYK color codes for you artsy types out there!)

    Navy Blue - R0, G33, B 82 | C 100%, M 92%, Y 36%, K 38%
    Cyan - R 123, G 207, B 244 | C 46%, M 2%, Y 0%, K 0%
    Purple - R 87, G 51, B 141 | C 82%, M 97%, Y 5%, K 1%
    Pink - R 159, G36, B136 | C 42%, M 100%, Y 5%, K 0%
    White - R 255, G 255, B 255
    You can even suggest a name with your submission! Depending on the amount and quality of submissions we may even select winning submissions from more than one artist! In addition to the obvious benefits of having something you made represent BronyCon you will also receive free admission to BronyCon 2013, and a free upgrade to our highest sponsorship level! Since our dates are not announced yet, this particular ticket will be transferable. We may alter your design as need be to fit the theme and style of future conventions although we may work with the winning artist(s) in the future on this and we make no guarantee to use the winning submissions’ suggested name(s). All submissions are the property of BronyCon (Lunar Solis Corp.) and may be used at our discretion for any present or future initiatives, including but not limited to: marketing, branding, logos, wordmarks, advertisements.

    Please send all submissions to [email protected]. You have until Midnight EST on August 31st, 2012 to get your submission in. We will select a group of finalists quickly afterwards, and you, the community, will get to vote on BronyCon’s final OC.

    We can’t wait to see your submissions!

    BronyCon 2013

    Brony Beach Minicon - Budding Friendships Announced 

    We received an email from Terminal Hunter, a head writer for the indie game "Budding Friendships", not too long ago asking to be a special guest at Brony Beach Minicon 2012. After some planning and rearranging, we have confirmed that Terminal Hunter will be making an appearance as our guest of honor, as well as giving a presentation about "Budding Friendships" and also hosting a "Question & Answer Panel" for our guests. We look forward to seeing him come out and we are sure our guests will be more than happy to see what Terminal Hunter has to present.

    Here are some links for people to contact us and to stay updated with the convention:
    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/BronyBeachCon
    Official Blog: http://bronybeachcon.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BronyBeachCon
    Pre-Registration: http://tinyurl.com/8b96375
    Email: [email protected]