• More So Soft Dolls on Taobao

    It looks like these "So Soft" ponies are  expanding pretty rapidly in the near future.  Whatshisgame sends over these images from another seller over there.   He also made an interesting note about the upcoming Princess Skyla version:
    Here’s the show-relevant part: while it was previously assumed based on So Soft Newborn Princess Skyla’s boxart that Skyla is actually a school-age filly in the present day (due to the previous So Soft dolls having present-day boxart), Littlest So Soft Pinkie Pie’s boxart showing Pinkie as a school-age filly suggests that Hasbro has started using school-age filly boxart to represent baby fillies, and since we haven’t seen any toys of Skyla as a school-age filly, the speculation that Princess Skyla will be Princess Cadance and Shining Armor’s baby now looks a bit more likely (if Skyla is even going to appear on the show in the first place).
     I'm going to stick with the new molded toys regardless! Hope you collectors can pick them up though!