• IDW Opens Pony Comic Section on Their Forums

    IDW Publishing has opened up a section dedicated to all things pony for those of you that want to bug them in a more official location.  Right now the editor hops on and answers questions every once in a while, so far leading with a small blurb about the use of fan favorite characters in the series:
    We'll definitely be SEEING the supporting characters, but the focus will be on the mane six. The Cutiemark Crusaders will play an important role in the first story arc. As we go on, I can see us showing the spotlight on fan favorite characters more, but for the most part, plan on a similar ratio of character time to the cartoon. They'll play a role, but won't be the central focus.
     Along with a bit of information about Luna, one-shot stories, and a new villian in part 2:

    Outside of one of the covers, Luna won't be appearing in the first story arc. Doesn't mean we won't see her later. You'll see the pony commonly referred to as Derpy in #1. (I think as someone officially involved with the official licensed product, I'm not supposed to formally refer to her as Derpy. I probably will in the future though, as that's what everyone knows her as... not an official endorsement of the name though!!!)

    And yeah, Andy is really a master of visual gags. There's great stuff, so many background jokes... tons of fun. Katie, being an artist, knows how to write a good visual gag too.
    Anything is possible (well, not ANYTHING), but don't count on it in the near future. Pony will be it's own thing for a while. If we do one-shots, you'll definitely see Fluttershy get her own book. Speaking of which...

    I'd say there's a good chance of seeing one-shot stories focusing on characters. Sometime!

    Yeah, the first storyline see's the return of an established villain. Story arc #2 will see someone new. Lots of potential to explore with this series!
    Head on over here if you want to join in!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it!