• Art For Kiki's Fund Currently Auctioning on eBay

    The only thing cooler than a pony is a pony in a suit. The only thing cooler than a pony in a suit is a pony in a suit with a good cause. Twilight and company are such snappy dressers because they have the best of all possible causes - bringing smiles to people's faces, and getting the word out on charity. Yes, ponies help save lives!

    For the brony community, one of the causes we are most familiar with and enthusiastic about is Kiki's Fund, the effort to help 7 year old Kiki Havivy survive a very difficult fight with cancer. Efforts to raise more money are both continuous and continuously needed, because medical costs are a daily reality.

    Today, the face of that effort takes the form of an art auction, generously donated by a large number of artists from the pony community. From Powerpuff Girls to Ponies to Oil Canvas Paintings (which are also ponies), these pieces are cool, rare, and autographed by Tara Strong. With the proceeds going to such a great cause, how can we lose? I'll tell you how: we can't.

    Go and check out the available items!