• Nightly Roundup #410

    Everfree Northwest is already starting to kick into full gear if my Twitter feed is to be believed. I hope everyone who is attending has a lot of fun and comes back with a lot of fond memories! Wish I could partake in the events, but I'm moving tomorrow and will be gone for a couple days handling that. Oh well, there is always next year!

    Short one tonight folks! Check it out after the break.

    Beyond Harmony Gaming Project Needs Help!

    Another pony project is looking for some aid! Check out the details below.

    Our programming is coming along so well. The game mechanics have had a complete overhaul, and the story is looking so fine. BUT WHERE IS ALL THE CONCEPT ART WORK.
    We really need concept artwork done for us. Our 3D artists and programmers need some pictures to start making the actual world locations. And yes they are ready to start now, but we ain't got the artwork to show them. So if you are great at concept artwork and think you can lend us a hoof please do.

    Contact Loopy - [email protected]
    Our check our website - http://beyondharmony.wordpress.com/

    Hard Candy Twilight Sparkle

    Our resident brony chef is back again with another culinary creation and this time of best pony! Check out the delectable video above.

    Andrew W.K. Talks Bronies

    Andrew W.K. has popped up in a recent article explaining his association with the fandom and ponies. It's quite a bit more detailed than previous interviews so it's worth a look! Andrew also seems to be aware of EqD as well as a recent tweet of his points out.

    Andrew W.K. Article
    Tweet Mentioning EqD

    RG Bronies Teaming Up to Create South Texas Brony Con

    Speaking of conventions, it looks like another one is in the works! More information can be found below.

    This is RG of the RG Bronies giving out some great news. Let's begin with the fact we've entered into an agreement with the San Antonio Bronies to work together and create a South Texas Brony Con! We hope to soon be working with the fine folks currently preparing the Brony Fan Fair as well, though our Con will be in a different location, time, etc.

    We would also like to present you with Palmetto, our mascot that we've apparently kept under wraps for quite some time: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a344/chaisu/RGBronies.jpg. This lovely piece of work was done by Color-Spectrum, one of our core members, and a name quite a few people might already know. :D

     With all that being said, we of the RGB are preparing to take part in not one, but two cons coming up in the Rio Grande Valley, so all bronies down here should come check us out! We will be at KishiCon on August 18th, followed by RuroniKon on September 18th. Not only will those be Con days, but they are also the 4 and 5 monthaversaries of the Rio Grande Bronies! We've only been around 4 months, and we're becoming huge! We've surpassed 100 members, now rounding out at 108 members! We're always looking for more of our fellow bronies to get together with, so join on up! You can either friend us on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/RGBronies/
    or our temporary website at http://www.rgbronies.webs.com/! Hope to hear from ya'll soon, as we've got massive things planned and in the works.

    Bronies now, bronies forever!

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    Okanagan BC Bronymeet


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    My Little Ties (Derpy, LyraBon, VinylTavia, and Trixie added. Use EQD as the discount code)
    Pony Tarot Cards
    Royal Wedding Merch
    Derpy Merch

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