• The Great Galacon Galleria!

    Bizzaam! We asked you guys to share with us your Galacon images and videos, and you delivered... in spades! We got so much content that there's simply no way for us to show every picture or clip or story, but we've unscientifically selected some of the best, most relevant, and silliest parts of the highly successful European brony convention.

    With love from Germany, check it all out below the break!

    Behold the world's best Pinkie cosplayer
    Galacon featured a whole bunch of people gathered together from all walks of life to join hand in hand in celebration of ponies (the also have the best con mascot OC. I'm just saying). Not everybody can be as grand as that dude up there, but I think you'll agree with me that holding people to that standard of magnificence is a little bit unfair.

    Also in attendance was the world's broniest car (now signed by the German VA for Twilight and Swedish Spitfire) and roughly one thousand million tiny little plushies that for some reason aren't in my living room. But there's so much more than that going on. To get the full story of Galacon in image format, check out this Google Plus Gallery. If you're feeling especially brave, you can head here for a download of a brony named Geartight's personal gallery - more than 400mb worth of con-pony goodness!

    But let's not forget about panels! Galacon had plenty of those too, and for a lot of sensibilities. Shown here is the Voice Actor panel with Anneli Heed (The Swedish Spitfire you might remember fawning over last year) and Julia Meynen, who plays the German version of Tara Str... er... Twilight Sparkle. For a full list of panel videos, you check them out in Everfree Radio or Official Galacon flavors. Yummy!

    We leave you tonight with a little glimpse into what bronies having fun looks like in Europe. With a karaoke version of Smile, Smile, Smile being unavailable, Galacon attendees were asked to sing it themselves (which you can see top), while this second clip is an excerpt from a party that broke out later.

    Galacon looks like it was a huge success. While EqD is pretty firmly stuck out here in the US, we love seeing our friends out abroad having fun and growing the fandom. I can't wait to see what next year's iteration looks like. And who knows, maybe if Seth finally manages to buy out Facebook by then, we'll be able to attend and cover it ourselves!

    Update and Important Edit:

    It was brought to my attention that I missed pointing out the bestest and most important part of the convention! Galacon, as many of you were astutely aware, also played host to a charitable auction supporting Bronies for Good. Proceeds for the auction went to fund their Seeds of Kindness project, and in total everbody there managed to raise an astonishing total of $10,060 to expand an orphanage in Uganda. Congratulations to them and everybody involved in Your Siblings, and a special thank you to Telofy for reminding me to mention this very important news item. Thanks, and continue to have a wonderful day.

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