• Random Merch: CAKE, Valentines Stuff, More Cake, and More!

    CAKE. Ponies now have an official merchandise line of SPONGE CAKE. I'm about to gain a million pounds. This one was found at Tesco in the UK.

    Thanks to YewDee for that one, and get your one stop shop for all random merchandise, knockoffs, and more below!

    Valentines Day Kit

    Found at: Walgreens
    Found by: Drone_217 and Christian

    Crystal Masterpiece Set

    Found at: Dollar General
    Found by: Piousbrony

    Super Knockoff!

    Truly a commendable knockoff if I do say so my self.  Apparently this was found at a store called DDS. Whoever released it is trying their absolute best to sneak under that copyright radar aren't they?

    Found at: Bob
    Found by:  DDS

    Cupcake Kit

    Found at: Tesco
    Found by: YewDee

    Rainbow Dash Flipeez

    Found at: H-E-B
    Found by: Machoskater

    Giant Cupcake

    Found at: Smiths
    Found by: Micheal

    Valentines Rainbow Dash Mug

    Found at: K-Mart
    Found by: Allenix