• My Little Pony and Brony Conventions of 2017

    It's that time of the year once again where we revamp the convention list for the coming 365 days! Lots of events are still going strong around the world, with a few new countries getting in on the brony bandwagon.

    Below the break, get a full list of all of them!

    August 4 - Added ExpoBrony

    CONVENTION RUNNERS: Please see this post for information on submitting your image and descriptions. Please also include a list of show guests that have been announced.

    Note: Post will be updated as information changes or improves. 

    January 27th - 29th 
    Long Beach, New Jersey

    March 18, 2017 - March 19, 2017
    Gdańsk, Poland

    We cordially invite you to the frosty northern Poland for the fourth meeting under the purple pony flag. As always, we are focusing on actual human interactions, providing possibly unrestricted access to all artists and speakers, allowing for unlimited fun in karaoke, MLP CCG, group drawing, live discussions at panels, to get into more random screaming-oke, roleplaying sessions, pass-the-comic, and even unscheduled activities at night. Yes, night, because why sleep at a party? Although we do provide some more peaceful locations for those with sleeping bags n' stuff. Should you wish to tag along in the cold but heartwarming atmosphere, we’ll do our best to deliver! Just please do remember to be prepared, as we still might have snow here.

    March 31st - April 2nd
    Schaumburg, Illinois

    March 4th

    April 8, 2017
    Bangkok, Thailand

    Complete with an adorable Summer Party theme, there will be lots of activities lined up for attendees at Thailand Pony Convention 2017 including painting, a singing competition, My Little Pony Exhibition and meet and greet sessions with voice actors from the Genesis Dubbing Fandub group. The highlight of the event is a teleconference with the voice behind cutest and youngest member of the Apple family, Michelle Creber! Don't miss out of all these and more at Thailand Pony Convention 2017!

    April 14th - 16th 
    San Francisco, California

    May 12th - 14th 
    Seattle, Washington

    Everfree Northwest, the world’s second largest My Little Pony fan convention, is back again for its 6th year! Our location at the gorgeous DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport is a prime spot for those eager to explore our lovely city. Located across from the airport, and a block from the light rail station, access to the many sights of Seaddle is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Special guests this year include many old favorites, along with a couple new faces to the pony con scene. With multiple gaming rooms, top-notch charity auction, special VIP events, rocking Ponystock concert, and introducing the Everfree Grand Galloping Gala, there will never be a dull moment at EFNW! Foals 12 and under get in free, as part of our mission to bring Equestria to Earth for families and fans of all ages! Come be United in Harmony with us in Seaddle, May 12-14th!

    Show Guests:
    Tabitha St. Germain
    Nicole Oliver
    Britt McKillip
    Rebecca Shoichet
    Marÿke Hendrikse
    Kazumi Evans
    Diana Kaarina
    Tim Stuby
    Denny Lu
    Vincent Tong
    Andy Price
    Tony Fleecs

    June 10th - 11th
    Berlin, Germany

    July 6-8th
    Layton, UT

    July 14th - 16th
    Colombus, Ohio

    TrotCon is back for its sixth year in Columbus, Ohio, and this year's theme is none other than "post-apocalyptic"! Are y'all ready to break out your best Fallout-themed cosplays and dress up your plushes like they just came from the set of the new episode of The Walking Dead? Fantastic news, because that's what we're looking for. Come on out to the Crowne Plaza Columbus North and hang out at TrotCon 2017, which like past TrotCons will be run 24 hours a day from Friday to Sunday! Sleep? What's that?! And remember, attendees 12 years old and under are free with a purchase of an adult badge, so bring your kids!

    July 29th - 30th
    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    August 11th - 13th
    Baltimore, Maryland

    August 18, 2017 - August 20, 2017
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Invitations are out, everypony! For what? For 3rd Czech MLP convention in the heart of Europe - Prague! Thanks to the break in 2016 we are able to bring back the Friday LARP event that will bring you another historical part of the city, as well as a custom pony story line! As for the theme of the mane event, we've chosen Digital Frontier to be a fitting one! Tickets & goodies are out so feel free to grab em while they last! Last but not least: as in previous years, the whole convention will be held in English.

    August 19th - 20th

    Five years in the making, Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention featuring the best the brony communities in the region. As the first pony convention in Asia to have a VA on board, Project SEAPonyCon is proud to present Andrea Libman on her first trip to Asia! As a collaborative effort by bronies from five nations (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines), Project SEAPonyCon is set to make history and up the ante. We believe a place for friendship shouldn't be for just one nation. See you there!

    August 25th - 27th
    Richmond, B.C., Canada

    September 9, 2017 - September 10, 2017
    Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain

    From the sunny south of Spain ExpoBrony offers you an experience that mix a Brony convention with being in the heart of one of the most touristic cities in Europe! In ExpoBrony you´ll get a selection of videoconferences, live pannels and stands that sure satisfy your needs of brony things. We hope see you in ExpoBrony 2017!

    October 6, 2017 - October 8, 2017
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    An experience like no other awaits in exciting Las Vegas as PonyExpo, a brand-new convention for fans of Friendship is Magic, makes its debut. Join us at the luxurious Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, October 6th-8th, the same weekend My Little Pony: The Movie premieres! While you’re in town, see the movie with friends, enjoy the convention, and step out onto vibrant Fremont Street for all the fun and excitement downtown Vegas has to offer. Fans of all ages are sure to find something fun at PonyExpo! We can’t wait to welcome you as we celebrate My Little Pony and the community it continues to inspire.

    October 28th - 30th (Website says this, supposed date is Oct 20-22)
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    October 27th - 29th 
    Addison, Texas

    October 27, 2017 - October 29, 2017
    Kansas City, MO

    Hey, everypony! There's a brand new all-ages pony/furry convention in Kansas City! We're called CanterlotKC, and we have many fun things in store! We have a fursuit competition, fun panels and workshops (including one run by White Dove!), a game room, a tesla coil (by the great Electrical Enginerd), community guests, and much much more! Be sure to check out the site for more details as we post them!

    November 4th - 5th
    Moscow, Russia

    After a break in 2016 DerpFest team is glad to announce a new convention! DerpFest'15 was warmly welcomed by Russian bronies, and this year we are ready to reach a new level by becoming the first Russian brony convention that reached international level. During your attendance you can enjoy a variety of events - guest panels, interesting stands, concert and many other things that will make this weekend a memorable one! In addition, local-based quest game will take place on November 3. During this game you will be able to discover many interesting architectural monuments of the historic centre of the city and, maybe, to make some new friends! For more information about DerpFest 2017 you can visit our website derpfest.ru/en and Twitter account @swp_fest.
    Get ready for a new adventure in retrowave style. We will be glad to see you!

    November 17th - 19th
    Anaheim, California

    June 1st, 2018 - June 2nd, 2018
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    High Roller Pony Con! Las Vegas’ premiere My Little Pony Convention held at The D on Fremont Street! The mission of HRPC is to bring back the MLP Convention scene to the vibrant and exciting city of Las Vegas, while benefitting a worthwhile charity. We are donating all proceeds from the charity auction, as well as all profits from the convention to Child’s Play: a charity aimed at helping children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters throughout the world. In addition, we want to eradicate the stigma associated with Las Vegas. Hence, why HRPC’s venue is already fully paid, and the convention has been fully funded. It is the secondary objective of HRPC to operate on a platform of transparency to the community. It is our hope for the fandom to give Las Vegas one last chance at a truly unique MLP convention experience!

    Conventions still undecided
    PonyCon AU 2017
    FillyCon 2017
    Thailand Pony Convention 2017