• Top 10 Pony Music Videos of 2015!

    We Are Borg back again with another 2015 Top 10. Over the past week I have watched over 100 PMVs that were released last year and that doesn’t even count the simple PMVs or the fantastic custom animation projects. Everyone thought I was crazy for watching every single one through its entirety but I was determined to bring you the cream of the crop, from beginning to end. It was really hard to choose just 10 and really I feel you could rearrange this list in any order. All these editors did a fantastic job.

    In years past we’ve been wowed with kinetic typographies, intense After Effects work, amazing lipsyncing and perfect timing. This year’s top videos were able to take all of those elements, balance them and really blow us away. We loved picking videos that were plain fun and some that had deeper meanings.

    Also, we called 2014 the year of collaboration, but with with 6 of our Top 10 being collaborations, our 2105 PMVs truly proved that friendship is magic again this year.

    So without further ado, please join us below for the Top 10 Pony Music Videos of 2015.

    by MrDeLoop

    MrDeLoop is a contributor in a few of our other top 10 entries, but this solo of project of his really stuck out to us. In the making since 2012, this PMV was finally released last May, and actually has the highest view count of any video on our list.

    This video features a crazy song, crazy effects, and a crazy pink pony. Get you Pinkie Pie here!

    by RayteR

    The basis for every PMV is the song it’s animating, so the BritPop Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden was an interesting first ingredient for this video. We were thrilled with RayteR’s use of backgrounds, typography, and visual effects to really work with the lyrics. With only 290 subscribers you really need to go follow this guy!

    by Rainbowdashzx et al.

    Rainbowdashzx released a number of PMVs in 2015 but we feel this collab of Centuries by Fall Out Boy was one of the best of the year. Our first collab in the list, this video is a great example of how different people with different styles can come together to create something unique. Have fun watching it twice; it doesn't get old.

    by The Collaboratory

    The Collaboratory amazed us multiple times this past year, and we practically had to decide which of their videos to not put on the list. This team of veteran editors bring the good stuff in The City with custom animation, show clips, typography and some stuff I can describe in three words or less. So good, you've probably already seen it.

    by The Collabortatory

    Back to back, The Collabortatory is relentless in bringing us amazing collab work, excellent song selection, and editing skills that makes everything I’ve ever done look like an MSPaint meme. That opening lipsync with the CMC is the best.

    This team released 4 PMVs in 2015 and our list has 3 of them. Check this one out then be sure to find these guys again below.

    by SnowT et al.

    Certainly not the last song we'll list where the editors work with the message of the song and deliver something not only entertaining but touching as well. It’s great seeing collaborators with different styles working together to deliver a single message. We’ll have to interview some of these collab leaders to see if it’s anything like herding cats.

    PMVs that take a long time to make seem to be theme. Be sure to watch these guys’ hard work. They earned the spotlight.

    by Alanj2007 Games et al.

    Alanj2007Games and crew got a few PMVs in our final list we choose the Top 10 from. All the collaborators did a great job with effects, typography, and some custom animation, but also carrying a theme throughout.

    While it’s hard to rate these at all, let alone pick 10 from 100, we chose this one not only because it's an amazing video, but the message it sends to those fighting depression. We’re suckers for feelsy things like that.

    by Dashketch

    So, this video was a while in the making, but it was definitely worth the wait. Not overly filled with effects, it shows a troubled relationship between the two Alicorn sisters. At the end, it shows Twilight as the trapped game piece on the masters’ board. Maybe the sisterly harmony still isn’t there?

    Even with under 6,000 views and just over 2 minutes, you’ll find yourself hitting repeat just to see it again.

    by Racecarghost

    Our only Equestria Girls PMV on the list, this video pulls most of it’s footage from Rainbow Rocks. It really blew us away with is fluid transitions, fantastic lipsyncing, and stunning visuals at 60FPS.

    Also a collaborator on some of our other featured videos, Racecarghost really shows off his skill for a well earned #2.

    by The Collaboratory

    Our third pick from The Collaboratory, this video is the perfect balance of everything you can put into a PMV. The song’s creators, Pendulum, says the song has a message that speaks out against violence. In this video the editors show the devastation and seemingly life threatening situations our favorite mares have to face, and in the show it looks easy, but if you apply just a shred of realism to it, these situations could take their toll. This perfect blend of not only the technical and visual aspects of the video, but the seamless integration with the song itself, while building onto its intended meaning, is what puts Witchcraft in our number 1 spot.

    It was so hard to pick just these 10 and I'm pretty sure I hit the subscribe button dozens of times while making this list. Next let's check out some of our...

    Honorable Mentions
    by DarkHoofStudios

    “This is the greatest video of all time.”

    by daspacepony

    A great video for great fandom music.

    by CollabNation

    Double the songs, your mind will explode twice.

    by Equestrian Collaborators

    In Soviet Russia, pony watch you.

    by Sound of the Waves

    A selfish pick. This song played at my wedding.

    So this was 2015 in Pony Music Videos. Season 6 maybe sooner than we expect, so what sort of themes, scenes, and characters will it bring?

    What were your favorites? Comment below!

    And be sure to check out our other top 10's!