• Pony History of the Day: PONY.MOV

    You guys asked for them, so whether you like it or not we're going to be posting about the PONY.MOV series. The series has had a strong following since it's release, owing to the fact HotDiggedyDemon already had a big following from his flash works and the fact that APPLE.MOV when it was released in late 2011 was still one of the few examples of higher quality animation in the fandom.

    Love them or hate them they are still a part of our history and if you haven't seen them yet check on after the break for the full playlist and judge for yourself.

    Thanks to SpaceJam for suggesting the series in the last post and to all the others that suggested it before him!

    Super warning! The PONY.MOV series isn't for the faint of heart and is certainly within the mature category when ratings are concerned. 

    Also, Seth wanted me to put here that he doesn't care much for the PONY.MOV series either. Now that I have fulfilled that obligation I can get a cookie.

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