• Felt Art Pony Competition for The Friendship Express (Releases on 2/28!)

    Shout Factory has given us a few Friendship Express DVD's to give out for their big release on the 28th of February, so what better way to distribute them than a good old fashioned contest.

    Due to the recent awesomeness of the felt ponies in the most recent episode, and Pixelkitties inspiring us with that amazing banner, we have decided on dedicating the event specifically to that!

    They also gave us an exclusive promo clip for it after the break similar to the other ones that have been floating around the internet.  They have assigned EQD  Pinkie Pie clop: first ambassador of smiles, because she is awesome. 

    Here's how it works:

    Create a pony scene out of construction paper or actual felt.  It cannot be digital, you must use physical materials. You can either do it out of a scene from the show, or from your own imagination.

    How do I submit? 

    Similar to the Equestrian Mock War Training Grounds, we will be using the Submission Page template for all entries. 

    Follow these simple steps:

    1.) Upload your image somewhere, be it Deviant Art, Imageshack, Livejournal, Facebook, or whatever.
    2.) Grab the URL of the image. (It MUST end in a file extention - examples: .png, .jpg, it will not work otherwise)  (TUTORIAL BELOW for Chrome/Firefox)
    3.)  Visit the submission page.  Fill out all relevant information.
    4.) The winners will be asked to take a physical picture of it being held up (to make sure it's not digital, so have a camera ready!)

    How do I win/What is the deadline?

    Sadly time constraints aren't allowing us to really do anything in depth with polls and such here, so the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. 

    The final date will be Sunday February 26th at 11:59PM.  We will not be able to take late entries, so make sure you get them in before this time!

    The winners will be chosen and posted the following day.  You will be required to send us a picture of you (Your hands work) holding your physical copy of your submission for verification, your entry doesn't need to be in this format though.  

    If you have any trouble getting it to work, send an email to [email protected] and I will attempt to help you when I find time.

    Again, try to use the tutorials after the break! They explain it in depth!

    What are the Prizes? 

    First place will recieve 1 DVD + 1 My Little Pony Friendship Express Train Set  + 1 My Little Pony 11x17 Poster
      The Four Runners Up will each get a Friendship Express DVD

      Good luck everyone! And again, hit up after the break for tutorials on image capturing and submissions, as well as our Pinkie Pie teaser.

      Exclusive Pinkie Pie Clip for EQD!

      Note: Base Internet Explorer doesn't have this functionality for some unknown reason.  Use Firefox or Chrome!

      Looks like they buried it, have an image explanation:

      Right click properties for Internet explorer.