• Animation on Display Followup

    Remember some time back when we reported that Animation on Display was featuring none other than Jayson Thiessen, Director and current Show Runner, on MLP? Well, that event occurred just this past weekend and was a resounding success!

    While Animation on Display is not strictly a convention focused on MLP, you all helped make the related pony panels and other fun events a worthwhile experience! Good show to everyone who attended and to the staff that helped set everything up.

    Quinnjaminn, who helped with the event, has generously provided some copy-paste and videos to share with you all after the break! Check them out if you want to hear about some of the creative process behind MLP, a special message from Jayson to the community, as well as other panel footage and general silliness.

    Last weekend, the staff at San Francisco's Animation on Display got hit by a wave of friendship none of us were prepared for. The registration line snaked through the halls, filled with bronies showing off their merchandise and getting hyped for the day's panels. Then again, that was to be expected. Jayson Thiessen, the current king of ponies, was doing a panel in a few hours.

    AOD 2012 was packed full of pony events: Jayson hosted two panels on the creative process of the show, the Bronies of Northern California hosted their own two panels, and the convention provided an official “brony mixer.” Bronyville's Apple Cider and Chef Sandy even joined in for Jayson's last panel, where he answered questions from the fans and sent out a message to the community. Now, I'm sure you're all anxious to find out just how these ponies go from the minds of the production staff to the screen. We've recorded all of the panels (as well as some fun extra videos), so just scroll down to experience the magic of AOD 2012.

    Jayson's message to the brony community:

    “How Ponies are Made,” featuring Jayson Thiessen.

    “My Little Pony Creative Panel,” featuring Jayson Thiessen, Apple Cider, and Chef Sandy.

    “Ponyville's Prized Pastel Ponies,” featuring BronyFang, Quinnjaminn, and TGPFluttershy.

    Of course, the convention had more than just serious events. Enjoy a video of Jayson signing a banana “ON THE MOON!” and a compilation video of crazy brony antics.


    Special Thanks:
    Animation on Display for hosting these events

    Finally, Jayson mentioned a custom Screw Loose that was given to him at the convention. Huge thanks to Omgwtflols for staying up through the night to give such a nice gift to him.

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