• MLP Press Release - Brand Growth and Future Plans

    A new press release has been posted detailing pony specifically across it's various marketing fronts.   It hits on the usual things, including Equestria Girls, the iOS/Android stuff, and books that are foating around Amazon.  Some of the neat tidbits to pull out of it include:
    • Loads more books coming worldwide
    • Equestria Girls Comics coming from IDW, Books from Little Brown Books, and Accessories from Fashion Angels
    • Hasbro focusing heavily on expanding plushie throughout 2013
    • Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were the most successful plush line in Build-A-Bear History
    • Twilight Sparkle coming to Build-A-Bear this Fall
    • Currently the #2 Toddler Toothpaste Brand 
    From toothpaste to comics, we seem to continue our world domination even if the fandom is shrinking a bit due to the haitus.  Now Hasbro needs to get a side series going between breaks so we aren't so bored out of our minds!  Keep the pony train rolling guys!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame, Masem, Daniel, and everyone else for digging around for us!