• Episode Followup: A Friend In Deed

    It's episode roundup time, where we dig way too far into absolutely every single aspect of an episode with a whole bunch of images.

    This was by far the most 4th wall breaking, insane Pinkie ever.  They really took her to a whole new level.

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    First off, we finally have a confirmation on Rose's name.  I don't know if that was inevitably going to be her name at the start, or if they picked ours for it, but at least it's canon now!

    We also get a look into the other sentient beings inhabiting Equestria.  Apparently they have wages, and shop, just like the ponies!

    And of course, Cranky Doodle Donkey, the co-star of the episode.

    Plus his love interest, Matilda.  I guess donkeys only have neat names half the time!

    It looks like Ponyville is governed by more than just Mayor Mare.  They all still look like snobs though! I wonder if we will ever see an episode dedicated to her?

    Then we have this pony.  I don't know what you guys have named her, but for some reason she reminds me of an OC pony from Deviant art.  I guess it's those trendy glasses or something! I for one welcome our overly tanned overlord.

    And of course Derpy.  Can't forget her obviously. 

    We also have a name for the old guy from the funeral in the last episode.  Meet Mr. Waddle! Lets see some fanfics about him! I bet he's a super hero in disguise.

    Speaking of Super Hero Powers....

    Pinkie Pie makes Celestia look like Snails.  Seriously, she has so many insane abilities.  







    EYES OF ZOMM (If you get that reference, you are awesome, or just really nerdy)

    Yes, our little party pony is just overflowing with potential. 

    Luckily she thinks in felt, so I doubt ponyville is in any sort of serious danger.  Hopefully her powers will be kept in check by this odd disability. Or maybe it's an advantage? Only time will tell I suppose...

     We also have a ton of continuity in this episode.  These two made a comeback in the beginning. 

    And of course, nothing tops this.  Cereal said he actually clapped when this popped up. Cereal never claps, Cereal is serious business.  Rainbow Dash the egghead is the best thing ever.

    Especially this part. 

    We also learn about Pinkie Pie's literal... welcome wagon.   Always full of surprises. 

    Twilight joins Facebook 

    And Cranky Doodle Donkey goes Johnny Bravo mode. 

    With a whopping four songs total, this was definitely one of the more musical episodes we have seen so far.   I'm sure "Smile Smile Smile" will be remixed to oblivion within the next week or so.  Even if it was leaked, I know a lot of musicians didn't modify it any until the higher quality track became available. 

    And I think that about covers it! I'm sure Pinkie Pie jumped up a few tiers on everyone's best pony lists. She seems to have found a good balance between obnoxious and just plain awesome.  Hopefully we get one more episode dedicated specifically to her by the end of the season!

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