• Story: Britannia & the Holy Hoof-Grenade


    Author: Hazelhooves
    Description: "...Captain Britannia of the Royal Equestrian Expeditionary Force is renown across Equestria as an adventurer, explorer and hero. Her name has graced headlines, honours lists and bookstore shelves with mention of her exploits, her achievements and her valour in service to Princess and Country. But what of the mare behind the myths?

    "In this first instalment, through the pen of Military Correspondent, Carbon Copy, we are introduced to a side of Britannia that the Equestrian public may not be aware of: what she was like as a young filly. For the first time, readers will find out what happened during her first adventure, travelling with her explorer father in far-off Zebrica and how she was forced to come face to face with probably her greatest challenge: her destiny..."

    A story about the B.U.C.K mascot written in the style of a historical biography of dubious credibility by an unreliable narrator set in the magical land we all know and love...or do we?
    Britannia & the Holy Hoof-Grenade

    Additional Tags: B.U.C.K Filly perilous adventure zebras