• Everfree Northwest Charity Auction Goes Internet!

    Do you guys want an opportunity to bid on the items in the Charity auction at Everfree Northwest, even though you can't attend the convention? It benefits the Seattle Children's Hospital!

    If that entices you, read on past the page break!

    Greetings.  My name is Going Once, although you fine ponies at Equestria Daily probably know me better as The Neutral Underlord.  I'm the Auctioneer for Everfree NW, and I'm here to tell you about the fine opportunity you wonderful ponies have before you.  (Yes, you've got opportunity in this very community!)

    The Charity Auction will be donating one hundred per cent of proceeds to the Seattle Children's Hospital, and we hope to raise quite a few bits indeed.  Amongst the wonderful goods and services you'll have available to bid on are the following:

    * Two beautiful, mint condition, still-in-box statues, fresh from San Diego Comic Con, of a certain beloved, wall-eyed grey pony with a muffin addiction.

    * A cowboy hat, signed by the incomparable Peter New.

    * A hand-painted picture of the adorkable Twilight Sparkle, signed by Her Royal Majesty Tara Strong, Queen of the Bronies.

    * A guitar, signed by the entire musical staff of the show we all love.

    * Nicole will provide a “DAY at the Beach” basket, with a SUN theme

    * Also, Maddy Peters will be offering Scootaloo's very own, beloved scooter!

    And there's plenty more where that came from!

    Now, I hear you asking yourselves, "Why is this crazy pony talking this all up when this convention has sold out three separate times?"  Well, I'll tell you why.  I'm talking all this up because Everfree NW is offering twenty-five lucky bronies the opportunity to bid on all these goods through the magic of the internet!  That's right.  Email me, Going Once, at auction@everfreenw.com, and if you're one of the lucky twenty-five, you'll be notified and told what Skype channel we'll be doing the bidding on!  Of course, this does mean you need Skype in order to do this....

    Thank you, and may the Force be... oh, wait.  Wrong script.

    Your Faithful Student,

    Going Once