• Hasbro Being Sued By "Font Bros America" For Potentially Pirated Font

    Hasbro Being Sued By "Font Bros America" For Potentially Pirated Font

    A Company called Font Brothers America has filed a suit against Hasbro and the My Little Pony brand for the alleged usage of it's "Generation B" font. It is essentially what they have been using for Friendship is Magic since the beginning, making this a pretty major lawsuit covering a wide array of products.

    The internet is abound with imagery of pirate ponies marking the occasion. What will it lead to though? Lets dig into some of the images Generation B is going after, and their overall plan below!

    If you haven't been bombarded by it already over the past half a decade, the Generation B is the font pony allegedly uses for things like the Bonbon toy up above. According to Torrentfreak, it's actually listed on the Hasbro Website itself, buried in the CSS.

    The legal team over at Font Brothers is pretty much going all in. They are calling for what is essentially the entire My Little Pony brand to be modified:

    “Font Brothers has lost, and will continue to lose, substantial revenue from Defendant’s wrongful use, copying, distribution, and creation of unauthorized infringing works based upon the GENERATION B font software.”

    Considering the scope of the alleged infringements, which affect pretty much the entire My Little Pony line, the potential damages run into the millions. In addition, Font Brothers demand the destruction of all products and material which utilize the infringing font.

    Hasbro is apparently refusing to comply with their demands, which potentially leads this into a pretty major case if both sides don't come to some sort of agreement. Will we be seeing a new font for MLP in the future? Or is Generation B modified enough into pony to get by? This entire concept is a legal whirlpool.

    You can find their examples of infringements over here., as well as the legal filing itself here.

    Thanks to Jeffrey, C.R.W., Shizuka, and everuone else for sending it!