• Pony History of the Day: The Animations of Alfa995

    Before the age of JanAnimations and Duo Cartoonist the realm of pony animation was relatively simple. We had series like PONY.MOV and MrPoniator's animations for instance but there was still plenty of void to fill. Then one day along came an artist by the name of Alfa995 who came out of the blue with an amazing ponified version of the Card Captor intro starring Derpy!

    From then on Alfa995 cemented himself into fandom history, providing the fandom with plenty of Derpy cuteness and the popular 'Ponies Sliding Into Boxes' meme. While he hasn't uploaded any new pony content to his Youtube channel in about a year there is always hope he might one day blow us away again!

    Check on after the break for a list of his pony works.

    Youtube took down the original, but it has been reuploaded to Newgrounds by Alfa!

    Twitter: Calpain