• Five Under-Appreciated Characters To Explore in Season 6

    Every year, the fandom sits and waits for the next round of episodes to start airing. We twiddle our thumbs and flex creative muscle to break up the monotony of no new pony. This usually involves adopting less-explored characters and giving them a spotlight.

    Nothing beats a show appearance though, and quite a few excellent ponies have been briefly introduced but left on the sidelines as the years go on. Equestria is one of those worlds where just about anyone could have an incredible storyline. It's hard to resist wanting more! 

    Below the break five under-used ponies are given some love. Now go! Celebrate some side equines.


    I love Cheerile. I love her colors, her personality, her voice acting, her mane and tail, and even her single foray into the world of forground episodes. She was pretty heavily eclipsed by Big Mac and the Cutie Mark Crusaders though.

    A pony like this may lead a simple life on the foreground, but I bet Cheerilee is an absolute party girl once the sun goes down! It's always the normal looking ones with stable jobs. Join her as she paints the town red with her girl pals Twilight Sparkle and Mayor Mare in tow!


    The GOD QUEEN OF ALL THINGS TOUCHED BY THE SUN sure doesn't get a whole lot of air time considering her importance to the very existence of the world. The Friendship is Magic comics have attempted to give solar horse a bit of love, but it's hard to correlate those directly to the show canon with how different their personalities tend to be.

    Celestia is the type of character that would be incredibly interesting to dig into, from her day-to-day duties to her mysterious relationship with... just about everyone. What is her relationship with Discord? What does she do to pass the time when bored over the last couple thousand years or more? Is that really a sun she is moving across the sky? Or do they rotate Equestria around instead?! If this show ends, and we never get any Celestia lore, I will be sad.

    Even some Celestia vs. Luna banter would be fun for an episode. Or the best episode ever. I can't decide on the tier of hype that would be. Slice of Life's ending banter wasn't nearly enough!

    Mayor Mare

    Can you imagine running a town that is constantly obliterated every few weeks by creatures that only a handful of ponies can actually do anything about?  How does Ponyville's mayor deal with catastrophic events?  How does one deal with the general derpyness of your every-day Equestrian citizen?

    I'd imagine the day in the life of Mayor Mare would be a blast to watch. Seeing her coordinate a mass rebuilding of whatever section of Ponyville was recently wiped out, and collapsing into a heap of over-stressed poni as she finds out that Derpy accidentally lead the pony Red Cross East instead of West. Her triumphant return as she consumes mass amounts of coffee to keep herself awake in the face of problems that would make the average human politician leave for an extended stay anywhere other than where they currently live.

    Mayor Mare needs love, and season 6 should do it.


    This is one of my favorite ponies of season five. I never thought she would be given a larger role than background pony, but I am so glad they chose to portray her in this specific way. As someone who is driven absolutely nuts by Pinkie Pie, Minuette was all the happy without the squealy.

    She's an excellent addition to Friendship is Magic's secondary cast, and exploring the life and times of Canterlot's #1 donut addict would guarantee some entertainment.

    Nurse Redheart

    Imagine having a career in medicine in a land where 1/3 of the population is running around blowing things up with magic, another 1/3 zooms through the air at ridiculous speeds, and half the creatures living in a forest right outside of town are either monstrous or poisonous. This is the daily life of Nurse Redheart.

    Imagine an episode where she is whisked away on a trip to an impoverished pony town desperate for some "doctors without borders" style aid. Or an episode about an equestria-wide plague where everypony's hair is suddenly growing at a rapid rate, and only Nurse Redheart and her team of crack Diagnostic Specialists are on the case to determine the cause! It could happen.


    Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Party Favor, and Double Diamond

    Yeah, I'm cheating. I can do that. These four were very recently introduced, but still have lots of possibly storylines to play with based on their special talents. I could almost see an entire side series starring the group. If only Hasbro would invest in things like that. I'd be in heaven.

    The Commendable and Amazing and Wonderful and Supreme TRIXIE

    The Great and Powerful Trixie absolutely DEMANDS more air time. This means we should give it to her.