• Drawfriend Stuff #New Royal Pony

    Today we dawn that season  6 spoiler tag for an entire compilation of the new royal foal revealed yesterday, that only appeared in a single teaser trailer so far. Yeah, that's how bored you all were.

    While she didn't quite hit the Chrysalis or Coloratura hype of 50-70 images, for how little we actually have of her, this is impressive.

     Anyway, go get 25 of the new foal below!

    [1] Source

    Little Niece by Asika-Aida

    [2] Source

    SPOILER: MLP SEASON 6 - Flurry Heart by Edowaado

    [3] Source

    Adult Flurry Heart by xebck

    [4] Source

    Baby Alicorn Floofball by BefishProductions

    [5] Source

    New Royalty (MLP SEASON 6 SPOILERS) by Lopoddity

    [6] Source

    Princess Floppy Wings by dragonfoxgirl

    [7] Source

    Flurry Heart - Day 61 by Miss-Cats

    [8] Source

    Oopies! by AuraZandra

    [9] Source

    The Biggest of Wings (MLP S6 Spoiler) by kilala97

    [10] Source

    Princess Flurry Heart by hikariviny

    [11] Source

    MLP FIM - Princess Flurry Heart by Joakaha

    [12] Source

    Flurry Heart by ShellyDreams

    [13] Source

    Grown-Up Princess Flurry Heart by zombie

    [14] Source

    Poor Scoots by SallyLapone

    [15] Source

    Princess Flurry Heart grown up by theluckyangel

    [16] Source

    The Alicorn Queen by JcosNeverExisted

    [17] Source

    by judacris

    [18] Source

    Princess Flurry Heart Large Wings by xbi

    [19] Source

    Princess Flurry Heart by pridark

    [20] Source

    (Spoilers) Princess Flurry Heart by luminaura

    [21] Source

    Princess Flurry Heart. by Mayamermaid

    [22] Source

    by dimwitdog

    [23] Source - Raridashdoodles

    [24] Source - Flutterthrash

    [25] Source