• Equestria Girls 4 Is Being Presented at a German Toy Fair Spielwarenmesse - Possible Vacation Or School Trip Theme

    Equestria Girls 4 Rainbow Dash in a Scarf, possible travel theme.

    We don't yet have images due to limits on photography outside of the Rainbow Dash in a scarf up above, but Spielwarenmesse in Germany apparently has a display of the next round of Equestria Girls toys. As hinted at by Dashie up there, the dolls are apparently travel or vacation themed. The submitter, Ayu, pointed out that it could be a school trip idea, since the clothing is pretty casual and not all wintery.

    I'm sure we will find out more next month at Toy Fair. Until then, it's speculation time. What do you think the next EG will be focusing on?

    Thanks to Ayu for the image and heads up!