• Brony Thank You Fund 2017 Calendar Pre-orders Begin

    The Brony Thank You Fund is once again running it's yearly charity calendar, with another swarm of awesome artists in tow! If you loved your last ones, or just want to help fund a good cause, head on down below the break for the infos on how to contribute!

    Every year, the Brony Thank You Fund rounds up some of the best pony artists around, and sets them to creating a calendar the likes of which the world has never seen. Now the 2017 calendar is off to the printers, and will soon be available at conventions throughout the US. If you’re going to be at PoNYCon, BronyCon, EFNW, BABScon or Nightmare Nights (or possibly a few more), you can save yourself the shipping costs and get a calendar in person. But we know that, especially for overseas Bronies, getting to a convention may not be an option. In that case, pre-orders are now available through our online ordering system. Ad copy follows:

    Thousands of people have received our world-famous Thank You Fund Calendars, which have hung on the walls of voice actresses, show staff, and fans around the world. Now the 2017 Brony Thank You Fund Calendar is ready, and the theme is "The Ponies of Fine Art". It's a shame that geniuses like Van Gogh, Dali and Rockwell didn't have MLP to use as inspiration, but we can fix that! We've reimagined some of the most iconic artworks of history, with a touch of pony added. Maude meets the Mona Lisa! Rarity whines as The Unicorn in Captivity! AJ gets her 15 minutes of fame courtesy of Andy Warhol. You get 13 glorious full-color art prints that you can cut out and hang on your wall once the year is done, plus each month has informative trivia about the artist featured. It's educational, it's hilarious, it's inspiring, and It's For Charity!

    The calendar also includes dozens of staff and VA birthdays and all the known Equestrian holidays, and is printed on heavy UV-resistant stock. All donations benefit the Dana Farber Cancer institute in Boston, one of the world leaders in cancer research and treatment.

    We've got an all-star roundup of artists providing the pages this year, including:

    • Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti (former MLP:FiM Storyboard Artist at DHX Media)
    • Dana Simpson (Creator of the "Heavenly Nostrils" comic strip)
    • Pixelkitties
    • Tsitra360
    • Leek Fish
    • Toxic Mario
    • Mackenzie Fields (Thank You Fund Staff Artist)
    • Mr. Kitties
    • Timothy Fay
    • kefkafloyd
    • Zirconia Blue
    • Slifertheskydragon
    • Lauren van Mil

    Get it over here!