• Disqus Comments Now Launched

    For those that mssed the post yesterday, due to lack of support for Intense Debate for a few years now, and the recent database loss we are moving to Disqus comments. A quick recap on what this means for you!

    • All comments will be migrated from Intense Debate and Blogger over time. We have temporary archives set up on old posts you can click on to view old comments until it is complete (Update: old blogger comments should already be done. Hello 9000 comments on FoE)
    • login with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and a bunch of others, or Create a Disqus account here for full control 
    • Image uploads are temporary disabled while Leon fixes it in the app
    • We are looking at a way to add pages since we are old people and like pages more than the more modern "show more" thing, but until then we have it set to sort by newest default. You can change it to whatever you like (oldest, best, newest) and it will save for you. 
    • If we do enable images, no clop, saucy, or gore will be allowed.  
    • EQD mods will have [Blogpony] next to their name 
    • App users: Download the new update for Disqus
    • The chat bubble at the top of the window will help you find your comment when things get crazy 

    Everything else should stay the same! As with all changes, I know it will be a little weird for a while. Please give Disqus a chance though! It is MUCH less buggy than Intense Debate was and constantly receives new updates.

    Now go play with it! It's actually a really nice commenting system once you get used to how it works.