• SoaringFlight, Brony Musician Discovered To Be Dead

    I wish I didn't have to bring this news to you all. A few days ago, CommandSpry had posted a video on his YouTube channel, explaining a shocking revelation. SoaringFlight, a Slovenian musician who was prominent in the brony musical scene a few years ago had died after taking a hiatus from music and supposedly vanishing. According to SoaringFlight's sister, he had fallen asleep while driving and perished in a car crash.

    This loss is very tragic, and while we here at Equestria Daily cannot do much but report what we know, I offer one way to heal the wound. While SoaringFlight is no longer with us, his SoundCloud still remains. Head on after the break for some more information, and the remainder of SoaringFlight's legacy within the fandom: his music. I offer my condolences to SoaringFlight's family, and I only wish we knew sooner.

    SoaringFlight's Soundcloud and a .rar download for all his music for anyone that would like to listen. His former YouTube channel is here. Here is a Slovenian article about the crash. If anyone could translate it and put it in the comments, that would be grand. Rest in peace, SoaringFlight.