• SEASON 6 - Teaser Image Released - Major Returning Character!

    We have an official teaser image from season 6 arriving. It even drops a character I know a ton of you would love to see return. It looks like she totally is.

    Go get it down below! Hopefully this is a sign that we will have new episodes soon!

    "There’s no doubt, friendship is the best thing ever. But friendBOATS are great too!! — Pinkie Pie

    Coming in Season 6: Pinkie Pie will discover that there’s nothing quite as fun as rowing a Swan Boat through Manehattan with best friends!! You get to see the city from new and different angles, and it’s a fun way to explore Equestria together!!"



    Update: Guess this explains the swan boat toy we saw some time ago! 

    Thanks to Azure129 for the heads up!