• What Other Editorials and Posts Would You Like to See, or Topics Covered? How Are You Liking the Current Ones?

    As normal for the beginning of the year, we look for new things to do as the months truck on. Some of the new posts we have added include:

    • Pony Spotlights - Diving into a pony each week, from fandom creations to show appearances!
      Episode Rewatch - Exploring past episodes, and dropping some nostalgia on how people reacted to them.
    • Pony History of the Day - Digging into past major events or fandom releases 
    • ABagOVicodin Editorials - Pretty open to anything there, give him topic ideas!
    • We Are Borg Editorials - An collector of all things pony and explorer of even more things pony
    • Debates - EQD peoples battle it out over a topic
    • Weird Pony Trends - Exploring some of the stranger sides of the SFW fandom 
    • New interviews -  We took a break on these for a while, but have plans to continue them. Expect M.A. Larson next.

    We have a few other plans in the works, including an ask blog for Spotlight Splash and Rocket Tier starring our new artists, Allyster Black and Pinipy. The mascots seem to be getting some love lately, and we are always open to more!

    We are always looking to do anything else interesting, and improve the current ones. Feedback is valuable. Anything you didn't like about any of these, feel free to express it. We won't bite!

    If you have any topics you would like any of those to cover, or ideas for new posts, toss it in the comments.

    Season 6 is right around the corner, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun in the meantime. Suggest things!